why outdoor advertising is effective

Reasons why outdoor advertising is effective

In this post we look at why outdoor advertising is effective even with the emergence of other advertising techniques within the marketplace.

The effectiveness of outdoor advertising hasn’t been lessened due to digital and it has been proven to be beneficial for brands around the globe. Billboard advertising continues to be an effective method of reaching out to the consumers. Due to the fact that these adverts can be viewed by the consumers at any point of time throughout the day.

We look at the reasons as to why outdoor advertising is effective and how it can help your business.


Firstly, The main aspects of its effectiveness is cost saving and a greater coverage. Billboards are an efficient method to promote products and services anywhere and anytime.
With the changes within the outdoor advertising industry, they can now be designed with the aid of computers and printed on low cost blue back paper.  The end result is your advertisement will be delivered in less time and at an affordable price.

Cost effective and better coverage

Billboard advertising costs can range from £350 to £600 per 2 weeks. If you are looking to use multiple billboards, the price would be reduced due to package deals. It may sound like a lot of money, but you need to consider the fact that a full page advert in a  newspaper for one day will cost you the same amount, with lesser coverage. Thus, making it less effective than billboards.


A big reason as to why outdoor advertising is effective is the wide coverage it can offer. Generally, billboards can be on display between 2 weeks – 12 months. This means that it reaches a larger audience for a longer period of time.

Brand building

Outdoor advertising is the best way to keep consumers informed about your products and services products. Also, if the brands are new to the marketplace, it’s best to use billboards due to their high impact and cost effectiveness. Most business try to keep the consumers updated about their products within the local area.

Grabs attention

The average attention span is approximately 8 seconds. Businesses have to make use of these 8 seconds to get the message across to the audience about their product. This is where billboards come into play. With a recommended  6-10 word count within an outdoor advertising creative, consumers are sure to pay more attention to the message the advertiser wants to deliver, even when they are in fast moving vehicles.

Why outdoor advertising is effective

Traditional billboards catch the attention of potential customers like no other type of advertising can. When it comes to effectiveness, billboards are prominent in the marketing strategy of most businesses. They create brand awareness among passers-by. This is due to the colourful and adverts which have a positive impact on the minds of people. Outdoor advertising reaches a wide area, and to millions of people everyday.

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