why out of home advertising

Why use out of home advertising for your business?

Why use out of home advertising for your business?

We often get asked “Why out of home advertising for my business?”. Especially from local companies who haven’t used billboard advertising before.

So we have collated below 4 reasons why out of home advertising should be used so that you can put your business in front of millions of potential customers.

Out of home advertising cuts through the clutter

Online is the go to place when getting information about brands and products, But humans are still materialistic. Seeing messages in the real world has a much bigger impact than what is seen online.

Online advertising and the content is so over saturated. This means its very difficult for your business to stand out with all that noise. When consumers see out of home advertising they absorb and remember them.

As a local business its a must to cut through the clutter of a saturated advertising environment. Outdoor advertising is perfect for this. And, unlike other advertising formats, It cannot be switched off or turned over.

Outdoor advertising is affordable

Small companies sometimes avoid outdoor advertising because they think it would seem to be costly. But when you look into it further, billboard advertising costs are affordable.

For example, a 48 sheet billboard(20ft by 10ft) on a min arterial road in Bournemouth is around £350+vat per 2 weeks. Alternatively, you can book a 96 sheet (40ft x 10ft) for £550+vat per 2 weeks.

Out of home advertising puts your message in front of your target audience.

If you are a local business you may have already found the perfect outdoor advertising locations. Whether it’s a billboard close to your shop or venue so you can signpost people or multiple billboards throughout your Town and City to increase brand awareness, you can instantly put your business where it needs to be.

If your looking to target an affluent audience, we can help you find the perfect out of home advertising locations in high income areas. Maybe, your business offer solutions for people on a budget; you can target suburbs, student areas or other affordable locations.

Outdoor advertising boosts your profile

Outdoor advertising adds prestige and trust to your brand and business.  There’s a boldness to using outdoor advertising and it shows that you are a business who is putting yourself out there and wanting to be noticed. When consumers see out of home advertising they assume that you the resources available to deliver for them.

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