Why is billboard advertising important?

Why is billboard advertising important?

We often get asked “Why is billboard advertising important?.” Well, people are always on the move, spending more time outside and less time in the home. Therefore, this makes billboard advertising an important and effective way of getting your companies brand and message in front of consumers. Outdoor advertising is an easy and effective way to build brand and product recognition with people as they go about their everyday lives.

So why is billboard advertising important for your business….

Reaches a highly alert, mobile audience

Displaying your message on a billboard with your business information and a striking image of your product or service makes it visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As of 2018, Outdoor advertising reaches 98% of the UK population every week, according to Route. This highly alert audience will see billboards everyday while commuting or socialising. Within your local area, Amplify Outdoor have the ability to supply government traffic data on how many people pass by a certain billboard advertising location everyday. This is useful when you are deciding which is the best location to use for your campaign.

Billboards reach your target audience

Billboard advertising makes it really easy to target a specific demographic. You can choose locations that your desired audience will likely frequent signposting them to spend their money with you.

Why is billboard advertising important? because it reaches consumers whilst they are in shopping mindset. They are more likely to make their purchasing decisions when in the car.  A billboard is a great way to promote your brand with potential customers and reach those who need your products and services.

Billboard advertising is cost effective

The cost to design and book a billboard campaign can seem expensive, Especially to businesses who haven’t used it before. In fact this couldn’t be further from the truth as its the cheapest and easiest way to reach a mass audience.

Billboard advertising in the UK can cost as little as £100 per week. However, you have to take in other factors that influence the final price. These include the size of the billboard, display period, frequency of bookings, poster production and advert creation costs.

Make your billboard effective

Because consumers have on average  around 6-10 seconds to absorb the message, The advert design must be simple and bold. An good quality image showing the biggest benefit of your product coupled with no more than nine words makes the campaign more effective.

Purchasing multiple billboard advertising locations within your local area creates a very effective brand building campaign.

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