why do brands advertise on billboards

Why Do Brands Advertise on Billboards

In today’s digital age, where advertising opportunities are abundant across various platforms, one might wonder why brands still choose to advertise on billboards. The answer lies in the unique advantages that billboards offer as a medium for brand promotion. In this blog, we will explore the reasons why brands continue to advertise on billboards and the benefits they derive from this traditional yet effective form of advertising.

What are Billboards?

Billboards are large outdoor advertising displays that are strategically placed in high-traffic areas to capture the attention of passersby. They come in various sizes and formats, ranging from static posters to dynamic digital displays. Billboards are typically located along highways, in urban centres, or near popular landmarks, ensuring maximum visibility and reach.

Why Do Brands Advertise on Billboards?

Wide Reach and Visibility

Billboards offer a wide reach, as they are visible to a large number of people throughout the day. Whether it’s motorists on highways, pedestrians in busy city centres, or commuters passing by, billboard advertising has the potential to reach a diverse audience. Their large size and eye-catching designs make them hard to ignore, ensuring that the brand message is seen and remembered.

Brand Awareness and Exposure

Billboards are an effective tool for building brand awareness and exposure. By repeatedly exposing consumers to a brand message, billboards create a lasting impression and increase brand recall. This is particularly beneficial for new or lesser-known brands that are looking to establish their presence in the market.

Targeted Advertising

A reason why brands advertise on billboards is that they can be strategically placed in specific locations to target a particular audience or geographic area. For example, a billboard promoting a local restaurant can be placed near a busy intersection or in close proximity to the restaurant itself. This targeted approach ensures that the brand message reaches the right people at the right time, increasing the chances of driving footfall and conversions.

Impactful and Memorable

Billboards have a strong visual impact, allowing brands to create memorable advertisements. With their large size, bold colours, and creative designs, billboard ads can leave a lasting impression on viewers. This is especially important in today’s fast-paced world, where brands need to capture attention quickly and make a memorable impact.

Complement to Digital Advertising

While digital advertising has gained significant popularity, billboards can complement digital efforts and create a cohesive brand presence. By incorporating consistent messaging and design elements across billboards and digital platforms, brands can reinforce their message and increase brand recognition. For example, a billboard promoting a new product can be supported by digital ads and social media campaigns, creating a multi-channel marketing approach.

Examples of Brands Using Billboards

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise a Brand on a Billboard?

The cost of advertising on a billboard varies depending on several factors, including location, size, duration, format, and demand. Prime locations in densely populated areas or high-traffic areas tend to be more expensive. Additionally, digital billboards may have higher costs due to their dynamic capabilities. It’s important for brands to consider their budget and marketing objectives when determining the cost-effectiveness of billboard advertising.

5 Examples of Brands Using Billboards

Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola is known for its creative and impactful billboard campaigns. They have used billboards to promote their iconic brand and evoke positive emotions. One memorable campaign featured a billboard that dispensed free cans of Coke when passersby interacted with it, creating a unique and engaging experience.

Nike: Nike utilise billboards to showcase their brand’s values and inspire their target audience. They have featured powerful and motivational messages on billboards, accompanied by striking visuals of athletes, encouraging viewers to push their limits and embrace the Nike brand.

Apple: Apple uses billboards to create anticipation and generate buzz around their product launches. They have strategically placed billboards in key locations, featuring minimalist designs and cryptic messages that pique curiosity and build excitement among consumers.

McDonald’s: McDonald’s are one of the biggest spenders on billboards. They use them to promote their limited-time offers and new menu items. Their billboards often feature mouth-watering images of their products, accompanied by catchy slogans, enticing viewers to visit their nearest McDonald’s restaurant.

Spotify: Spotify has leveraged billboards to showcase personalised data and engage their users. They have created billboards that display quirky and relatable statistics about their users’ listening habits, creating a sense of connection and encouraging social sharing.

Why Do Brands Advertise On Billboards – Conclusion

Despite the rise of digital advertising, billboards continue to be a valuable medium for brand promotion. The wide reach, visibility, and impact of billboards make them an effective tool for building brand awareness, targeting specific audiences, and creating memorable experiences. By strategically incorporating billboards into their marketing strategies, brands can increase their visibility, engage consumers, and leave a lasting impression. So, the next time you see a billboard, remember the power it holds in capturing attention and activating a brand.

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