When to use outdoor advertising

When to use outdoor advertising

So, you know the benefits of outdoor advertising and how it can help the future success of your business. An effective outdoor advertising campaign boils down to choosing the right location at the right time.

Below is a guide on when to use outdoor advertising for your business

  • When your business wants to make a big impact within the local area

Outdoor advertising is all about making a big impact. The sheer size and scale of the advertising space can engage a large, relevant audience. Due to these characteristics they will remember the advertising message.

  • When you want to build your brand recognition

Billboards are the most cost effective way to build your brand recognition.  It familiarises the local audience with your brand and business over an extended time period. OOH sends a message to your potential customers that your brand is legit and trustworthy to deal with.

Take a look at the benefits of booking outdoor advertising long term for your business and brand.

  • When you want to increase immediate sales

You may already have a great brand awareness within your area. Outdoor advertising is perfect for driving immediate footfall to things like sales events.

  • When you want to attract tourists

Outdoor advertising lets you engage with tourists when they are exploring and taking in the local area.  It allows you to engage with this highly alert audience who are not afraid to spend their money and try new things.

Furthermore, its also a perfect format for tourist attractions to advertise within the build up to summer holidays and half terms, encouraging people to visit their attraction and increasing footfall and spend.

Please feel free to take a look at our guide on tourism advertising opportunities within your area.

  • When you want to portray prestige and  brand authority

OOH, especially on a long term basis creates legitimacy in the consumers minds. The fact that your business will be delivering an advertising message on this high impact format for a period of time will send a message to your potential customers that your brand is legitimate and trustworthy to deal with.

  • When you want to start point of sale purchases

From a survey conducted it was found that over 70% of people are influenced by an outdoor advert into making impulse purchases.

Outdoor advertising is the “last window of influence” prior to a shopper making a purchase. Businesses would be on the right track using billboards to signpost shoppers to their premises, altering their purchasing decisions.

Want to use outdoor advertising for your business and brand?

Outdoor has the flexibility to reach your target audience in an exact location at an exact time. Whether it be for a new store opening or a college open day, billboards can cater for every wants and needs.

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