What is meant by outdoor advertising?

What is the meaning of outdoor advertising?

What is the meaning outdoor advertising?. Outdoor or out of home advertising is any type of marketing done outside of the home to engage with consumers. The most popular form of this is billboard advertising. There are also many other formats within the outdoor advertising arena, these include:-

  • Billboards: Including traditional, digital and mobile billboards.
  • Wallscapes: These include vinyl banners attached to large scale buildings.
  • Transit OOH advertising: These are Train, underground, taxis and buses.
  • Street furniture: 6 sheets at bus stops, phone kiosks, car parks and bathrooms.
  • Rail Advertising: Ads on trains, train platforms, interiors of trains.
  • Cinema Advertising: Commercials before the films begin and other adverts within the lobby.
  • Mural Advertising: Hand-painted ads that appears on gable end walls. Also known as hand painted billboards.

In this modern age, The rising star with the outdoor advertising industry is digital.

What is the meaning outdoor advertising

Why is Outdoor Advertising Important?

We spend a lot of our lives outside our homes. Advertisers increasingly fighting to stand out amidst the saturation of adverts on analog and digital devices need a less-cluttered environment to deliver their message. This is where outdoor advertising comes in.

What Constitutes an Outdoor Ad?

The outdoor advertising just about covers every advert that you find outside the home.

Outdoor adverts often rely on their surroundings to help make a point. Adverts are tailored to the format to make a bigger impact. For instance, a billboard for a movie that you see on the side of the road will be different than an advertisement for the same film on the side of a bus.

Outdoor advertising is arguably the most creative canvas because the most successful ads reflect the imagination. Outdoor advertising is about seeing things in a new way and helping your audience to see that, too.

Digital and Outdoor Advertising

The rise of digital outdoor advertising has added a new dimension to outdoor. Incorporating social media elements into a campaign gives it new life online and extends its reach well beyond the initial audience. Digital outdoor advertising can also:

  • Ping people through Bluetooth devices
  • Offer QR codes for instant connections to clients’ websites
  • Allow passersby to play interactive games with your billboard

Digital is growing faster than any other part of out of home advertising. PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates it’s rising at a compound annual rate of 9.4 percent, and by 2020 it will account for almost half, or 46 percent, of all outdoor ads.


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