What is ooh advertising

What is ooh advertising

What is OOH advertising?. Out-of-home advertising is ad formats that you see outside. They range from billboards at the roadside to ads on the sides of buses. OOH is advertising on the go. In recent years, the classic outdoor advertising definition has been updated to include digital billboards with exciting creative potential.

We see so much advertising each day of our lives that it’s easy to switch off, especially when relaxing at home. As such, out-of-home adverts can be a great way to attract more customers and generate interest surrounding your product, service or brand. The following OOH marketing options are just a few of many ways to get your campaign out there, and its message seen by a much wider audience.

What is digital OOH advertising?

Digital OOH advertising is different to static ads. These digital screens can be updated in seconds at the push of a button. This can ensure an advertisers message stays relevant in real time. Geolocation, retargeting and personalisation are a few factors that make digital OOH advertising an efficient way at reaching the right audience at the right time.

what are the advantages of OOH advertising

Whats are the advantages of OOH Advertising?


It cannot be switched off

Unlike other forms of traditional advertising such as radio or TV, out-of-home ads cannot be switched off. It’s a billboard or an ad on a bus stop that you engage with and there’s no getting away from it. It’s there, part of the urban landscape.


Right place, right time

Billboard advertising is the most popular OOH format. However, outdoor advertising is a lot more versatile than it looks. With so many different formats you can target the right audience in the right place at the right time.


No adblocking

The saturation of online ads have brought counteracting measures from consumers. An extension to the internet browser easily blocks the majority of online ads. However, The Outdoor ad is always there and ready to catch people’s eye and unavoidable.


Pinpoint with DOOH advertising 

Choose your time, day and weather. Digital OOH advertising screens are very versatile and can help you target specific demographics with relevant messages. Professionals commuting to work to consumers shopping at the local supermarket can shown a different message thats relevant to them in seconds.



Recent studies from Route has found that out-of-home is the most wide-reaching medium in the UKwith 98% of the population seeing it each week. This means that OOH has a bigger reach than television.


OOH advertising works hard for your budget

Whatever the size of your budget, There are many outdoor advertising formats that can work. A phone kiosk in the high street won’t cost you too much. Larger budgets will allow you to utilise multiple billboards at the busy roadside.


OOH advertising is the last window of influence

Outdoor advertising is the key medium used to reach shoppers in the 30-minute window prior to a purchase. 40% of shoppers see OOH advertising in this last window of influence.

Awareness of OOH advertising during this pre purchase period increases the likelihood of a consumer finding out more about a product and consequently, buying a product.

what are the different types of ooh advertising


What are the different types of OOH advertising

The most popular format is billboard advertising. However, There are many other formats within the outdoor advertising arena, these include:-

  • Billboards: Including traditional, digital and mobile billboards.
  • Wallscapes: These include vinyl banners attached to large scale buildings.
  • Transit OOH advertising: These are Train, underground, taxis and buses.
  • Street furniture: 6 sheets at bus stops, phone kiosks, car parks and bathrooms.
  • Rail Advertising: Ads on trains, train platforms, interiors of trains.
  • Cinema Advertising: Commercials before the films begin. and other adverts within the lobby.
  • Mural Advertising: Hand-painted ads that appears on gable end walls. Also known as hand painted billboards.


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