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What is billboard advertising

Businesses who are new to the format often wonder what is billboard advertising. As you drive your car around your local area the adverts that you will come in contact with will be seen on billboards.

Billboards come in all shapes and sizes and is mainly situated at the roadside and in highly populated areas. Billboards are part of the outdoor advertising marketing mix and is also referred to as OOH (Out of Home).

What is billboard advertising? The definition

The name billboard is derived from the term “billing board,” which is a large advertising space designed to capture the attention of motorists and pedestrians. Billboard advertising is used for simple, striking, and creative messages. Furthermore, National brands always utilise billboard space, as it is an opportunity to portray their message in a high impact way.

what is billboard advertising

About billboard advertising

The most popular size of billboard available is known as a 48 sheet. This is 20ft x 10ft in size but billboard sizes can vary depending on location. One of the biggest billboard sizes is the 96 sheet and has dimensions of 40ft x 10ft.

Traditional billboards display adverts using sections of paper pasted together to form an image. Over recent years digital billboards have been coming into play. Digital allows creatives to be swapped with other adverts on a rotation. Furthermore, it also offers flexibility and space can be booked for as little as one day.

The typical length of time for a billboard advertising campaign is 2 weeks. But local businesses are starting to see the impact of it for their business so book longer terms. A billboard is the ideal place for long term branding.

what is billboard advertising costs

Billboard costs

The cost of billboard advertising is inexpensive for reaching a large, relevant audience. A 48 sheet costs as little as £350 for a 2 week period. However, this expense will reduce greatly if you book a longer display period.

billboard advertising costs

Billboard advertising usage

If you are looking to run a campaign to raise awareness and branding, billboards are the perfect platform to achieve this.

When trying to achieve success, no more than nine words is the ideal amount of copy on a billboard. Consider adding striking images that grabs the attention of the passer by.

 You also need to consider the tone of the billboard creative. You want to portray your company so it appeals to your target audience in a trustworthy way.

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