What is a 48 sheet billboard and its size

What is a 48 sheet billboard

As far as outdoor advertising is concerned, a 48 sheet billboard is one of the most popular sizes and formats. Traditional 48 sheet billboard advertising offers businesses maximum exposure and exclusivity, it also provides a large, impactful advertising canvas from which to engage customers.

You will typically find 48 sheet billboards at the side of busy roads as consumers enter and leave major cities or shopping centres. They’re also at eye level, creating a striking and engaging visual impact that resonates with customers.


What is a 48 sheet billboard size ?

With the dimensions of 3 metres x 6 metres, a traditional 48 sheet billboard is a large and eye-catching form of advertising.  48 sheets make a big impact and give you an opportunity to cut through the clutter of an often saturated advertising landscape.

Below are the exact dimensions of a 48 sheet :-

  • 3048 mm x 6096 mm
  • 3.048 m x 6.096 m
  • 10 ft x 20 ft


What are the costs of a 48 sheet billboard?

The cost of a 48 sheet billboard starts from £350+vat (plus production) for a standard two week booking. The total cost of your advertising campaign will depend on which supplier you use. National companies tend to be more expensive, whereas local providers like us at Amplify offer great rates for local businesses.

It’s also important to note that longer term bookings can result in discounts. For example, Amplify offer a 48-sheet billboard over a four week period at a price of £300 per 2 weeks plus production, and this falls to £200 per 2 weeks plus production when committing to a 6-12 month advertising slot.

48 sheet poster printing

When looking to advertise on a billboard, it’s vital that you establish what is included within the cost of your campaign. You should clarify if artwork, poster production and installation is included.

With most outdoor media owners, a separate charge is applied for poster production, artwork and installation. With Amplify we offer a cost of £100+vat per which covers the poster printing and fixing.

Remember, the cost and what is included varies between outdoor advertising companies, so be sure to check with them the total costs before booking the campaign.

What is the best way to design a 48 sheet billboard advert

What is the best way to design a 48 sheet billboard advert?

One of the most important parts of a 48 sheet billboard campaign is the design.  With that in mind, here are recommended guidelines for designing a 48 sheet billboard advert :-

1. Create a story

Create a story with your ad design. Think about the one thing you want a consumer to take away from your advertising message. Do you want them to :-

  • Remember your web address?
  • Recognise your brand the next time they are shopping?
  • Signpost potential customers who are close to your premises?
  • Attend and open day or event?

Billboard advertising is a visual medium, which means that the best way to tell your story is through the use of images.

2. Keep it short

A passer by will have about 5 to 10 seconds to view the message on your billboard. They will need to read text and absorb the message in a short space of time.

So one of the most important billboard design rules to follow is keeping your message short. Aim for a maximum of 9 words or less.

Make sure to prioritise the most important information so your billboard doesn’t become cluttered.

  • Main theme and USP of the advert
  • Incorporating a strong call to action
  • Logo
  • Tel number, URL and address

3. Achieve effective billboard design by being bold

Make sure that the text in your creative has a  bold font to ensure maximum readability. The larger the font, the easier it is for the consumer to absorb and understand your message at distance.

4. Be colourful

To really make your advert stand out use bright colours or a bold image within your creative. This will effortlessly attract eyes to your message.

Contrasting colours within your design will also create a much bigger impact and improve a stronger memory recall of your message.

5. The right message to the right audience

When working on your 48 sheet billboard, consider the location as to where your message will be displayed, the target audience and environment.

Communicate to your audience with a message and words that they understand.

What is the benefit of a 48 sheet billboard for my business

What is the availability for 48 sheet billboards in my area?

Location is another vital factor when it comes to a successful 48 sheet billboard campaign. These flourish in Towns and Cities or on the way to a place which attracts a lot of people, such as shopping centres.

The best locations tend to get booked up really quickly, so if you see a location that you think suits your needs, get in touch with us ASAP.

Would you like to know more about locations and availability?. Please get in touch on  matt@amplifyoutdoor.co.uk / 01202 670687 / 07557 373483


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