What Are The Benefits Of Billboard Advertising

What Are The Benefits Of Billboard Advertising?

What are the benefits of billboard advertising or your business?. The billboard has been around for decades and there are many reasons as to why businesses should take advantage of this high impact format. They area an extremely effective way of communicating your message, product, or brand. So, We’ve put together some of the main benefits of billboard advertising and why it should be on your marketing plan.

Billboard Advertising Builds Brands

When it comes to increasing brand awareness billboards excel in this category. This is mainly down to the fact that your advert will be seen multiple times throughout the day by the same person and your brand will become engrained in their minds.

Repeated exposure will benefit your branding and message as it will give people an increased knowledge about you. Furthermore, This will bring you to the forefront when the consumer is making a decision to purchase.

Billboards Promote Your Business 24/7

Radio and TV adverts promote your business for only 30 seconds at a time. More importantly, these stations and channels can easily be turned over and not provide your business with any coverage at all.

Magazine and other print ads depends upon the reader paying attention to the advert as they flip through. Adverts within newspapers tend to get lost amongst competitors and editorial content.

One of the benefits of billboard advertising is they are the only media format where the advertiser has full control of the advertising space. An advert on a billboard has the ability to give a business constant exposure – no other form of advertising allows your message to be displayed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, billboard advertising cannot be switched off or turned over.

What are the main benefits of billboard advertising

Consumers Engage With Messages Placed On Billboards

One of the most effective forms within the outdoor advertising stable is the billboard, They come in many sizes and adverts can be placed in areas that targets core demographics and customer behaviours.

While it’s been proven that 98% of the UK population see a billboard or outdoor advert every week, People are also more likely to engage with the message that’s being displayed on them. With  71% of consumers have said they look at messages on billboards and 68% of customers make purchasing decisions whilst in the car, it is safe to say that consumers engage billboard advertising messages.

You Will Benefit from Less Is More

Messages on billboards are mainly short and straight to the point. They are extremely effective when an advert has one compelling image or headline and this will stick in minds of the passer by.

An advertising medium that is free for the user

With the current economy, consumers are becoming very price sensitive. They are far more likely to engage with advertising that is free to access. Billboard advertising benefits from it being entirely free to the end user.

Rather than selling your products and services through advertising formats that consumers must pay to access, you can market your services through free channels and at the same time create a sense of trust with your audience.

Benefits of using outdoor advertising for my company


Humorous billboard messages gets traction

If you are thinking about using billboard advertising, you’ll find comfort to know that 56% of consumers talk about humorous outdoor adverts they’ve seen. This statistic is very pleasing for businesses and brands as it proves that billboard advertising is effective at increasing brand awareness.

Target a certain demographic

As you move around your local area, you’ll notice that billboards are everywhere and this means that you have a choice as to where to put your advertising message. You can use a billboard location to target certain age groups, ethnicity, incomes and ABC’s. As an example, a University can advertise outside a College or a dog food company can promote themselves near to a popular dog walking spot.


what are the benefits of using a billboard

Billboards Produce A High Return On Investment 

You will notice that billboards are located in very busy areas, such as A-roads and traffic light junctions and there is a reason for this. This is to ensure that the message being displayed will receive the highest number of views, engagements and reactions as possible. Your business will benefit from using billboards as it has a proven return on investment.

According to a recent report by the OAAA, every dollar spent on outdoor advertising returns an average of $5.97 in sales. That’s an ROI of 497%.

Targets a variety of customers

A great benefit of billboard advertising is it allows businesses to reach a huge variety of demographics through one marketing channel.  Instead of spending hours researching customer groups, Billboards offer the ability to engage with the general population.

This can be beneficial for widespread services that attract a variety of demographics. Furthermore, it can help you find customers that you might not realise would be interested in your products and services.


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