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Using outdoor advertising with twitter

Using outdoor advertising with Twitter

The growth of mobile has been massive and for most people its the main way they use the internet. With the constant rise in mobile usage, using outdoor advertising with twitter is the perfect way to engage a massive audience by combining two of the most successful forms of marketing.

  • Firstly, Over half of the population of the United Kingdom access the internet via their mobile phones.
  • Secondly, It has been estimated that over 17.1 million people in the United Kingdom use Twitter
  • Finally, Outdoor advertising reaches 98% of the UK population every week.

Using outdoor advertising with twitter through hashtags

Outdoor advertising campaigns are great for incorporating Twitter hashtags. People often like to tweet  when they are on the move.

By using adding a dedicated hashtag on your outdoor advertising creative it will encourage activity on social media and will spread your message to much more people.

Use Twitter friendly Hashtags

Try to use a memorable hashtag that is a maximum of only 12 characters over three words. This means that it doesn’t take up too much of the character count for a persons tweet, leaving room for audiences to engage in an online conversation.

using outdoor advertising with twitter

Encourage photo Tweets

Images are more engaging and shareable than plain, boring text posts. Photos are clicked on 18% more than plain text tweets and are shared 150% more often.

If your advert is creative and memorable  you will have more chance of audiences to tweet photos about it.

Start the ball rolling yourself

When your outdoor advertising campaign goes live, Share it on Twitter using the hashtag along with photos. Tag relevant people into the photo as this is a great way to get your message retweeted and liked


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