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Useful info about Outdoor advertising.

Here you will find useful info about outdoor advertising and advertising on billboards.

We have all the resources, stats and information that you will need to plan and execute the perfect outdoor advertising campaign from finding the perfect locations for your business to artwork specifications and everything else.

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OOH Ad campaigns

Advertising Campaign

Billboard advertising campaign Local businesses are always looking for ways to engage their target audience and stay one step ahead of the competitors.

Billboard adverts availability

Billboard availability

Want to search or check billboard advertising availability in your local area? Contact us or search through our online booking portal.

South uk billboard advertising

UK Billboard Advertising Network

Whether you want local coverage with one billboard advertising location close to your business or a regional coverage utilising multiple billboard locations we can create the perfect campaign for you.

cost of Billboard Advertising

Billboard Advertising Costs

The cost of billboard advertisements

Billboard marketplace

We work with various business sectors to help them reach out and engage with their key demographic and target audience. From Colleges promoting open days,  to theatres promoting shows, we plan and execute successful outdoor advertising campaigns.

The Costs of Outdoor Advertising Boards


Outdoor advertising for poster specialists and advertising agencies Prominent billboard advertising for agencies and their clients Amplify Outdoor have over 20 years experience within the outdoor advertising industry.

How To Design A Billboard Advertisement

Advert Design

With over 20 years experience in the advertising industry we know what works. We design adverts that appeal to your target audience and more importantly when they see your message they will remember it.

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Customer Testimonials and billboard success stories

We at Amplify Outdoor pride ourselves on offering a seamless service and successful outdoor advertising campaigns for our customers.

good images for your billboards


Amplify Outdoor are a local, family run outdoor media company that owns a fantastic portfolio of billboards along the South Coast. We also offer a fast and efficient billposting service for your outdoor advertising campaign.

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Outdoor Advertising FAQs

New to outdoor? You may have questions about outdoor advertising and how it can work for you, so we have put together a selection of the most common outdoor advertising FAQs we get asked.

examples of outdoor advertising

Outdoor Advertising Terminology

New to outdoor advertising? Our Glossary offers a comprehensive list of the most common outdoor advertising terms and formats

we can print for you

Poster Printing

We offer a super quick turnaround and high quality printing service for your outdoor advertising campaign. Depending on the length of time of your campaign we can print on hard wearing correx or foamex right through to the traditional blue back poster paper.

small advertising

6 sheet advertising

Our 6 sheets deliver your advertising message into towns and local communities throughout the South. These are specifically located to reach a vehicular and pedestrian audience and impact shoppers at point of sale to alter purchasing decisions

What size is a 48 sheet billboard in metres

48 sheet billboard advertising

The most popular large format favoured by national and local companies, Amplify Outdoor’s portfolio of 48 sheets can put your brand and business in the heart of towns and cities giving you a cost effective coverage along the South

96 Sheet Billboard Advertising

96 sheet billboard advertising

96 sheet billboards are the ultimate canvas to make a high impact statement. Double the size of a 48 sheet billboard, Amplify Outdoor has a portfolio of 96 sheets in prominent positions along the South Coast.

Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards

Reach your target audience at a specific time in an exact location Mobile billboards can reach a large, relevant audience Our mobile billboards and advertising vans are on the road for up to 15 hours a day

good images for your billboards

Proof of Posting

We take photos of your campaign as proof of posting, giving you complete reassurance that your campaign has been posted in the correct period and to the of best quality.

Support adverting billboards


If you have any questions regarding artwork, deadlines, advertising campaigns or any other general enquires, please call us now on: 01202 670687 or email us.

dimensions and specification

Dimensions & Specs

Please click below to download a PDF of the standard Billboard Specs & Dimensions.

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