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Types of billboards that will make your local business grow

Types of billboards that will make your local business grow

There are numerous types of billboards within the urban landscape. Large and small situated on main arterial roads into and out of Towns and Cities. Furthermore, They are situated in highly populated areas, shopping precincts and at bus stops.

Below we will take a look at the types of billboards that can be used by small businesses. We shall also compare the sizes and impact:-

96 Sheet billboards

96 sheet Types of billboards

Out of all types of billboards, the 96 sheet is the the pinnacle of all advertising formats. Double the size of a 48 sheet means double the impact. The 96 sheet can really put your brand out there locally and creates huge engagement with potential customers.

This is largest traditional print billboard available, akin to putting two 48 sheet billboards next to each other. Furthermore, It dominates space and demands attention from those who pass it.

The large space means high quality imagery and an imaginative strap line can be used to convey the desired message. The vast size also means that it can be read at a distance.


A 48 Sheet is one of the most used types of billboards

48 sheet Types of billboards

The 48 sheet billboard is the most popular format favoured by national brands and most local businesses.

48 sheet billboards are 20ft x 10ft in size, which allows a lot of space for an advert to be displayed. They are one of the most popular forms of outdoor advertising.

It is also thought that this size of billboard gains trust for advertisers as they have a long-standing presence on our busy roads and in town centres. A well-positioned 48 sheet billboard can go a long way to convince people to shop with you.


32 Sheet billboards

different Types of billboards

This large format billboard is 14ft x 10ft in size, Can help you target a large, relevant audience and make your message & business unforgettable. This size billboard is generally booked on a long term basis as we can offer great discounts for this format

16 Sheet billboards


Cost effective outdoor advertising that can still engage your potential customers and sign post them to your business.


6 Sheets

various Types of billboards

Finally, The 6 sheet. These reach out at point of sale altering pedestrians and shoppers buying decisions. They are bespoke, illuminated and high end advertising units and most recently have become converted into digital outdoor advertising units.


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