Traditional billboard advertising

Traditional billboard advertising in the modern media landscape

There has been so many changes within the advertising landscape over recent years and although the numbers of traditional billboard advertising sites have declined of late they still remain an essential part of an outdoor advertising campaign. 

Digital out of home structures are sprouting up everywhere but paper billboard advertising costs are cheaper, more accessible and boast a higher return on marketing spend.

Below are a few examples of what’s on offer within the modern advertising landscape.


Firstly, The internet has changed the advertising landscape so dramatically. You only need to think about what its done to the Yellow Pages.

It has vast information that can be accessed within seconds by people who want to find out quickly about brands and business information. More importantly, remember that people find online adverts extremely annoying.


Secondly, Social media can now allow people to create content in a way that was not possible 10-15 years ago. Consumers can now have conversations about brands and businesses on social media platforms.

Mobile devices

People can access the internet extremely quickly via many devices. These include phones, tablets their laptop or desktop. 

Furthermore, mobile and online work very well alongside outdoor advertising .

So now you know what’s changed, lets have a look at why traditional billboard advertising is still at the forefront of a marketing strategy

What is traditional billboard advertising?

A traditional billboard is a outdoor advertising structure that allows paper adverts to be attached. They are more often than not situated at busy roadsides, in highly populated areas and close to shopping destinations.

Furthermore, Billboards come in various sizes. The most popular is the classic 48 sheet (20ft x 10ft). This size is sandwiched in between a 6 sheet (1.8m x 1.2m) and the huge 96 sheet (40ft x 10ft) billboard.

Using traditional billboard advertising to stand out through the clutter

Years ago you would probably have come into contact with 100 adverts as per day. These days, that figure is closer to 10,000.

If you want your business to cut through the clutter and get noticed, You should seriously consider advertising on billboards. Importantly, Due to the sheer size, impact and placement, you can grab the attention of potential customers that a tweet, newspaper advert, or leaflet cannot.

Traditional billboard advertising commands authority

It’s a fact that most people are very impressed with billboards. They gain our attention like no other forms of advertising. You can only agree that outdoor advertising has the WOW factor and makes an impact ensuring your business stands out from the crowd.

Build trust with billboards

Furthermore, Building trust and loyalty within your local area is a vital part in the growth of your business. Billboards can help build trust with consumers as they give off a sense prestige, notoriety and stability in the ever changing world.

Using a 96 sheet traditional billboard advertising site will show people that you have the resources and commitment to invest in large scale advertising. This will increase confidence and show that your business can deliver on what you say.

Most importantly, remember that almost 60% of consumers trust billboards and other various forms of outdoor advertising 

Billboards build brand awareness

Finally, Billboard advertising is the best format for brand building. They are difficult to ignore and the messages that they carry become engrained in people’s minds.

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