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Artwork Creation Tips For A Billboard Designer

Using billboard advertising as part of your companies marketing? Great, but don’t waste the space, These artwork tips below for your billboard designer will aid them in creating an effective outdoor advert.

Creating the advert for a billboard can sometimes feel overwhelming. Have a read through some of these key tips in order to design a billboard that grabs attention and sticks in peoples minds.

Tips For Your Billboard Designer

Keep It Simple

You only have a small window of opportunity to engage with a motorist. They have around ten seconds to read your billboard. Make sure your message is simple and clear. If at all possible, use no more than 9 words within your creative.

tips for a billboard designer

Use Contrasting Colours

When your billboard designer is creating your advert, make sure you choose bold, high contrast colours.  Not only does this make it legible to read but it also makes your advert stand out within the urban landscape.

Choose easy to read fonts

Billboard advertising needs to be easy to read from long distances as well as close up. Make sure you use typefaces that are easy to read. Avoid using thin fonts, bulky and fancy lettering.

Utilise large Letters

When it comes to lettering, make it big. Think about lettering in terms to 10 to 100. That is 10 inches of letter height for every 100 feet of visibility.

Visual impact

Remember that outdoor advertising is a visual medium. It can tell so much about your business through the use of High quality and striking images. Make your design memorable with relevant, high-quality images that stir emotion.


Final thoughts for Your Billboard Designer

These tips will help your billboard designer create an effective advert for your business. If you would like to use our billboard designer, please feel free to get in touch and we can design based on your needs.

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