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The golden rules of ooh advertising

Businesses know they need to advertise to grow their sales but fear that the cost of using OOH advertising would make it out of reach.

The truth of the matter is OOH advertising has never been so affordable for small and medium sized businesses.

Amplify Outdoor gives businesses the opportunity to tap into OOH advertising and the results it achieves by making it affordable to companies of all sizes. Here you will find our billboard advertising costs and the factors involved.


This guide looks at some of the golden rules that can help you get the most out of ooh advertising without breaking your marketing budget.

Keep your design simple for impact and engagement

The time that you have to engage a passer by is around 2-3 seconds so your design needs to really stand out as well as delivery of a simple and clear message that really POPS.

Do not overload your advert creative with lots of text.  Think about K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple stupid. You can find lots of tips on creating an effective billboard advert on our previous blog post.

Make sure you are 100% happy with your creative before you send it to us, we will always offer honest feedback as we want your campaign to be a success as much as you do!!

 Where you place your advertising message is key

What’s the best OOH advertising location that you can place your advertising message?

If you are a college promoting your open day, you may want to place ads near to cinemas, schools and other entertainment complexes.

If your business is on the high street, maybe engage shoppers as they enter the town centre in their vehicles to alter their purchasing decisions.

Furthermore, Local businesses now have access to the great locations that national brands use.

Understand your competition

Firstly, Where are your competitors advertising?. Secondly, Are they using OOH advertising or the same old radio jingle and same quarter page advert in the local newspaper?.

Look out as to where your competitors are advertising and then get one step ahead of them. Stand out of the crowd with OOH advertising due to its sheer size, impact and ROI.

OOH advertising is flexible with timing

Is this a 2 week campaign focusing on the build up to a sale, event or a show?. OOH advertising can be booked on a two week basis which gives you plenty of flexibility.

Or are you considering a long term booking for successful brand building and awareness within the local area? There are so many benefits of booking outdoor advertising long term as it is great for building awareness and brand engagement. Furthermore, You are reserving the best location(s) so no one else can book them.

Set an objective with your OOH advertising campaign

If your campaign achieves one objective, what should it be?

Using billboards to promote a local event? Advertising a sale? Driving an increase in footfall and sales to your business? Increasing traffic to your website?

Once you have identified your objective you now have a way to measure the success of your campaign. It also means that everything is directed at achieving that one goal.

With our help, our billboards and these golden rules can definitely achieve results from an OOH advertising campaign.

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