the strengths of outdoor advertising

What Are The Biggest Strengths Of Outdoor Advertising?

One of the main strengths of outdoor advertising is that it allows businesses to get in front of their target audience more often.

Once considered too expensive for smaller companies and sole traders, outdoor advertising is now more affordable than ever and almost any business of any size can reap the benefits of an outdoor advertising campaign.

Outdoor advertising, especially billboards can help build your brand and promote your products and services in ways that digital advertising cannot.

As the market becomes more and more saturated with what people view as intrusive digital advertising, choosing to promote your brand out-of-home can have many benefits.

If you’re ready to consider out-of-home for your next marketing campaign, here are the main strengths of outdoor advertising which you’ll want to know.

Outdoor Advertising is Welcomed by Consumers

As previously mentioned, the marketplace has been saturated with digital advertising.

As with anything, when we saturate the marketplace, the consumer becomes oblivious to it.

This means that the likelihood of a consumer responding favourably to a product being advertised online is extremely unlikely.

What is likely, is that a consumer will completely ignore the advertisement and in most cases, not even notice it. Furthermore, they will attach a negative association with the service or product thats being advertised because they view the advert as a nuisance.

Where digital fails, outdoor advertising has seen growth, increased acceptance and popularity.

One of the main strengths of outdoor advertising is that consumers react more favourably to outdoor media than online advertising.

Whether this is due to the flood of digital adverts that people are exposed to or because they are intrusive and un-welcomed, outdoor advertising is welcomed by the consumer, and in most cases, an enhancement to a consumer’s outdoor experience.

For instance, when a motorist views an advert on a roadside billboard, they are more likely to absorb and respond favourably to it.

If the billboard is aesthetically pleasing, they may even consider the billboard enriching their out of home experience.

The strengths of billboard advertising

Outdoor Advertising Builds Brand

We’ve already talked about how outdoor advertising is viewed more favourably than most forms of marketing.

However, outdoor advertising can also help you build brand familiarity and recall.

Because consumers will not be able to ignore out-of-home ads that they are exposed to, they have no control over the adverts to which they are exposed to when outdoors.

Additionally, Most consumers will view the same advertisement multiple times on a daily basis. This leads to familiarity and recall of your brand.

What are the main benefits of Outdoor advertising

People Respond to Out-of-home Ads

Recent studies show that people respond to outdoor advertising.

Based on consumer engagement with outdoor advertising, the frequency with which they view it, and the positive connotation they associate with the brand, it’s no surprise consumers respond to these types of marketing strategies.

In fact, 68% of motorists in the UK confess to making purchasing decisions when engaging with billboards while in their vehicle.

Responses to billboard adverts include things like:-

  • Visiting the an advertisers showroom or store.
  • Visiting the website being advertised.
  • Having a conversation about what is being advertised.
  • Recommending the product or service to another consumer.
  • Calling a phone number supplied within the ad.

If you’re looking to gauge the response of your OOH marketing, you can check out what KPI’s that can be implemented within your outdoor advertising campaign.

what are the main strengths of outdoor advertising

Out-Of-Home Ads Are Customisable

One of the most common misconceptions is that outdoor advertising it is not customisable to a brand’s target audience.

That simply isn’t the case.

Outdoor ads have the ability to be customised and directed to a specific audience by using tools such as locations and design.

While location placement may seem obvious, specific wording and design can further target specific demographics.

For instance, advertisements placed near to colleges may be well received if they are vibrant, and promote fun, while billboards placed near to office blocks may be more noticeable if they feature a clean, more structured design, and dialect that appeals to professionals.

Outdoor Advertising Makes Effective Use of Your Budget

A strength of outdoor advertising is that it is more affordable than ever. In most cases cheaper than print or online advertising. Billboard advertising can produce more impact on a smaller budget, making it a great option for businesses or sole traders who have less to spend on advertising.

When you buy outdoor advertising space, you are buying location and length of time. The length of time your advert is visible to consumers, the more likely you will secure brand recognition.

Unlike print or digital, outdoor advertising has a longer life span, ensuring your target audience sees your service and brand and remembers them.

Boosting Sales Through Exposure

As consumers are exposed to products on a repetitive basis, It will equate to brand recognition and sales.

Maximum exposure is created by using billboards in the areas with the highest traffic counts and where your target audience will frequent.

When your target audience is constantly exposed to your products or services, they are more likely to respond.

One of the main strengths of outdoor advertising is that it’s also a reminder for brands and products with which consumers are already familiar.

Seeing an outdoor advert can also make a consumer to use the product or service the next time they are in need. Furthermore, it can also signpost them to purchase a product or service when they wouldn’t have previously considered.

Final Word

No matter what size budget, if you’re looking to build your brand and product, outdoor advertising should be a consideration.

With the ability to reach consumers on a positive level, outdoor advertising has the ability to trump any other forms of advertising.

Using billboard advertising space can save you time, money, and generate higher responses than many media formats.

Additionally, consumers tend to accept outdoor advertising as a positive and non-intrusive form of marketing compared with how digital marketing is often received.

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