return on investment of billboard advertising

Tips to a successful return on investment of billboard advertising

There are several steps that can be put into place for a successful return on investment of billboard advertising campaigns.

You don’t need to be going in blind when it comes to your billboard advertising campaign. Just follow  a strategy, take into account your target audience, advertising location, clear messaging, and a incorporating a call-to-action, Lets have a look in greater detail:

Return on investment of billboard advertising, How can you achieve this?

1. Establish your target audience and demographic

Firstly, You know your business more than anyone else and who you want through your showroom doors.  Have a clear understanding of who you want to reach with your billboard advertising message.

For example:-

  • Age Groups
  • Gender
  • ethnicity
  • Household incomes
  • ABC1’s
  • Area location  etc etc

If you would like any advice or help, we have a mapping tool that can gather this information of a certain area, please contact us.

Have a look at existing and previous customers to get an understanding of the people already buying your product or brand.  The more you understand about your potential customers, the more success you will have from engaging them.

It might be a completely new audience that you would like to attract, Billboards are perfect for this due to the diversity of consumers that engage with billboards.

2. Choose the best Location(s)

Don’t waste your time and breath on billboard locations that have low traffic counts or in low pedestrianised areas. Amplify Outdoor have the best advertising locations and we can provide you with government traffic data for all of our sites. Therefore, you can see how many vehicles drive pass a billboards location. This enables you to make an informed decision.

We have a total of 72 millions vehicles driving past our whole portfolio of billboard sites every month.

3. Clear message

Secondly, Pay attention to ‘less is more’ . White space should be utilised when it comes to billboards. Your creative should have a clear and concise message that doesn’t overload passing traffic. You need to keep it short and sweet as there is only a small window of opportunity to get the attention of passers by.

4. Call to action to measure your return on investment

Finally, The success of your billboard advertising campaign can sometimes be difficult to gauge. How can you tell if you are getting a great Return-on-Investment from your campaign?

Consider including a call-to-action to your advertising message, Here’s a few ideas:

  • Use a promotional code that only appears on your billboard adverts.
  • QR (Quick response) Code – use in pedestrianised areas so they can be close enough to scan.
  • Create a unique landing page on your website
  • Use a dedicated  hashtag to encourage activity on social media
  • Dedicated telephone number
  • Visitors to your premises – Asking them where they saw you

Furthermore, Many more ideas can be found on our  how is billboard advertising effectiveness measured page which also helps with pre and post campaign measurements.

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