Renting my billboard to a reliable outdoor media owner

Renting my billboard to an outdoor media owner

When you’re looking to rent your billboard space to an outdoor media owner it can sometimes feel like a minefield and not worth the time. Often billboard landlords just stay with their current tenant even though they are offering a poor service or using a clauses in their contracts to reduce the rental payments but they shouldn’t accept it.

Therefore, we at Amplify Outdoor have created an easy guide to making the decision as to which outdoor media owner you should rent you advertising space to.


Firstly, This is one of the most important factors when navigating through the process. Getting more revenue from your real estate can seem quite difficult but it doesn’t have to be. You should be getting the rental amount that you deserve and generally independent outdoor media owners will pay you more for your space.

choosing an outdoor media owner to rent my billboard to

Length of lease

You should feel comfortable with the length of your lease and what works for you. There are various options to consider and factors to take into account.
The standard billboard lease is 7 years and 10-20 year leases are a also great option as you wouldn’t have to go through this process again for a while. You can also build a great relationship with the new outdoor media owner and they generally have regular rent reviews.
Furthermore, outdoor media owners have to invest a lot into building the billboard structure and would need a good length of lease in order to recoup this outlay.
Media owners should definitely have a lease that is straight forward with no stupid clauses allowing them to reduce rental payments.

Selling Your Billboard Asset

If you’re looking to raise a large upfront payment from your advertising space, you should consider a long term leasehold or selling the freehold as to where the advertising structure is situated.

There are many benefits to this and these include:-

  • Very large and quick upfront payment that could be reinvested elsewhere.
  • It offers continuity and reassurance.
  • Never have your rental payments reduced ever again or worry about the site being decommissioned.
  • Purchasing of a new car, family holiday or home improvements.


Rent my billboard to an outdoor media owner

Size and type of billboard

The bigger the advertising board, the greater the advertising revenue that it will produce for the outdoor media owner. This will have a positive affect as a billboard landlord would receive a larger income. Digital billboards also would increase your income as they can carry multiple advertisers.

Site appraisal process

When an outdoor media owner considers a location and determine the rental amount that they are willing to pay they will :-

  • Perform a site survey to determine the best position of the billboard structures.
  • Would the location suit an upgrade to a digital billboard.
  • Installation costs.
  • Ongoing maintenance costs of the billboard.
  • Cost of business rates.
  • Access to the location.

Service Ongoing contact

Your current outdoor media owner maybe offering you a bad service. You could be getting sick of constantly chasing missed or inaccurate rental payments, not having your calls returned or getting annual rent reductions. Furthermore, the current billboard structure might be poorly maintained making your property look like an eyesore or causing a safety issue to the passing public.

So when choosing a new tenant, Make sure that the new outdoor media owner carries out monthly maintenance checks on their advertising structures. They should always be able to get hold of if you have any queries.

At Amplify Outdoor, our work ethic and generous rental income promise has enabled us to build long-standing relationships with landlords. Furthermore, this philosophy has spilled over into our advertising client base. This means that we currently have a great demand for billboard locations.

So don’t rely on any of the other billboard companies to rent your advertising space from you. We have a local, family run development team that would welcome the opportunity to give you a rent appraisal that would gain you a higher rent.


Amplify Outdoor, A trusted outdoor media owner

We manage advertising on many billboards throughout the UK. Therefore, if you’re looking to work with an experienced outdoor advertising owner lets talk.

One of the best ways of earning a better income from leasing your billboard space is to talk to us today. We offer the highest rental amounts throughout the UK.  Furthermore, we are a family run outdoor advertising company who believe you should get the rental income that you deserve.

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