Steps To Reach Your Audience with billboards

Steps To Reach Your Audience with billboards

Advert design and portrayal of message are major parts when it comes to the success of your ad campaign, but only if you reach your audience with billboards in the right locations.

Therefore, before designing a campaign, you should first clearly identify your target audience and their daily habits. Do not let your advertising creative fall on deaf ears.

What does your target audience look like?

When identify your target audience and who you are looking to engage with, you should consider the following factors:

Age groups

Gender and ethnicity

Audience demographic (e.g- ABC1’s)

The level of household income.

The lifestyle of your target demographic

It’s important to identify the way of life of an individual, group or culture when wanting to highlight your target audience. It defines consumers and shouldn’t be overlooked when planning an outdoor advertising campaign.
When choosing the locations of your billboard adverts, think about the places they frequent.

So make sure that you have satisfied yourself with the following questions:

Where do they spend their free time?

Cinemas, Concerts & Theatres.

Gyms, stadiums & sports grounds.

Colleges, Universities and other educational bodies.

Public spaces (parks, markets)

Shopping Malls, The high street, retail parks

Museums & exhibitions

What are their travelling and commuting patterns?

Do the people that you are looking to engage with drive on busy roads and stop at traffic light junctions?

Do they catch the bus everywhere. Think about bus stops and their frequent routes.

Is your target demographic using airports?

Do they travel to work via Train or Underground stations?

Reach Your Audience with billboard advertising

When should you choose to reach your audience with billboards?

Think about the time of year that your target audience would most likely be interested in your product or service. For example, If own a flower shop, Valentine’s or Mothers Day is a great bet. Similarly, all businesses can take advantage of bank holidays, when ads get more exposure, as more people are out and about enjoying time off work.

Here are some periods throughout the year that you may want to consider:

Back to school.

Father’s/ Mother’s day.

Valentine’s day.

Bank & Religious holidays.

Sales periods or a new product launch.

The build up to an Event.

Finally, Contact us so we can reach Your Audience with billboards

To sum up, if you wish to effectively target specific group of people you need to know when and where to advertise. So think of the points listed above when planning a billboard advertising campaign. It will ensure that you can have the maximum chances of success.

If you have any further questions about how to reach Your Audience with billboards, please get in touch.  Lets talk and come up with an effective and affordable advertising campaign for your business.

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