promote my business on a billboard

How do i promote my business on a billboard?

How do i promote my business on a billboard?

We always hear:- “How do i promote my business on a billboard?”


“We’ve never used billboards to promote our business before”

The truth of the matter its easier than running an advert in the local newspaper or creating a  jingle on the radio. Billboards look expensive due to the high impact and sheer size  with most small or new businesses seem to think they are out of their reach.

Billboard advertising is no longer as costly it once was due to Amplify Outdoor making this advertising medium affordable to businesses or all sizes and budgets. We feel that billboards should be for everyone. Please have a look at our costs compared to other billboard providers here.

So, now that we have established that billboard advertising is cost effective and easy to book, let’s take a look at how to promote your business on a billboard.

How do i promote my business on a billboard? – First find the best advertising location

Maybe you want to find a location near to your business to signpost customers to your store, Or want a location to target a specific demographic.

Due to the flexibility and amount of people who interact with outdoor advertising everyday we can cover all angles to make it a success for your business. Have a good think  about what you want to get out of your campaign and where the most effective locations might be for your business.

You can search our advertising locations or please get in touch to discuss your needs in greater detail and we can also send you media packs with maps and locations.

Booking the space

Great!!! you have found the perfect location. The next step is to get in touch with us to check availability and costs or alternatively check the individual locations on our map. Billboards have specific start dates and are booked on a minimum of 2 weeks, we also offer discounts for multiple locations and longer term bookings.

Designing your advert to engage with your desired audience

This of course is just as important as the location.

Here you will find the artwork specifications for the location(s) that you have booked and please head over to our page “Creating an effective billboard advert” for tips and tricks on how to design the perfect billboard advert.

We will of course provide you with over 20 years experience and knowledge to guide you through this process as we want your campaign to be a big success.

Our in house designers – If you would like us to design the advert for you we can at a small cost. All we would need from you is logos, images and a brief overview of what you want to achieve.

What happens next?

Your work is done, Relax and we will take care of everything else!!!

Amplify Outdoor will print your poster, fix your poster in place, send images once in situ and promote your campaign across our social media channels. It really is as simple as that.

So the next time you say to yourself “How do i promote my business on a billboard? Please get in Touch with Amplify Outdoor to talk and guide you through the really simple process.

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