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Identifying a target audience for your outdoor marketing campaign

If you are a business looking to use outdoor marketing and billboard advertising, before you decide on the best size and format you need to identify who your target audience is.

You will need to do your research and gain a better understanding of who your ideal demographic is. Once you know who they are and where they frequent, you can then identify where the best outdoor marketing locations are that will engage with them and grab their attention.

Ways to identify your target audience

The first step in attracting your target market is to know who your target market is. You must do your research to understand who these people are.

Use previous sales data so you know who has been buying your product or service. This will aid you when finding out :-

  • Their age.
  • Gender.
  • Ethnicity.
  • Household income.
  • Marital status.

To name a few.

Look at who your competitors are targeting, not only through their outdoor marketing campaigns but also their other advertising avenues. This can give you a great idea when trying to attract new customers.

Another way is to analyse your product/service in depth.  Make a list of all the features and benefits and then compare the type of consumers that needs these benefits. This information will define your target audience, It will also highlight where and how to engage with them.

Creative artwork to attract your key audience

When you are are planning your outdoor marketing strategy you need to make sure your message is bold and clear. Its must engage with your desired audience.

Keep your message short by using nine words or less. People only have a short window of opportunity to see and absorb your outdoor advertising message. They don’t have time to read large amounts of text.

Make your message is memorable. You want to grab their attention and make them remember your message.

Pick your location to engage

Now you know who your target audience is, You can use outdoor marketing in a location that will have a high chance of being seen by them.

Visibility and siting is also an important factor to consider as you want your advert to face head on to oncoming traffic with no viewing obstructions.

We at Amplify Outdoor only have locations on main arterial roads with mass traffic numbers. We can provide you with government traffic data to show you how many people pass a certain location every month.

Billboard advertising has come a long way over the many decades and is still a powerful outdoor marketing tool.  Showcase outdoor can provide your business with a powerful advertising platform to get your message out to the masses in a cost effective way.

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