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Planning an outdoor marketing campaign in your local area

When you are out and about you will certainly come in contact with an outdoor marketing campaign. It’s getting harder for businesses to grab the attention of their target audience, Therefore it is imperative that their marketing campaign is planned correctly.

One of the most successful elements of a marketing campaign is outdoor advertising. This is the term used for advertising that reaches consumers when they are out of the home.

Outdoor advertising is a mass market format and is better used for brand building and call to action marketing campaigns.

If you are looking to run an advert on a billboard, Remember you cannot use it like a newspapers with cluttered messaging. Otherwise you will be wasting your budget. Once you start using more than 10 words on a billboard, The consumer will not have time to absorb the message.

Many are driving past at high speed, so you only have a short window of opportunity to engage with them.

Types of formats for an outdoor marketing campaign

One of the biggest goals for any business is to reach their target audience and for the message to stick in their minds. One of the most effective ways of achieving this is through outdoor advertising. Billboards should be a staple in any marketing campaign, as it reaches hundreds of thousands of people who are on foot and in vehicles. The most common billboard advertising formats include:

The 48 sheet.

A 48 sheet is 6m x 3m in size and is the most popular large format which is favoured by national brands and local businesses. Furthermore, It has a high impact and can be seen from extended distances.

They are generally found near main arterial roadsides, areas with a high traffic count areas and heavily populated areas.

96 sheet.

The 96 sheet poster has a size of 12m x 3. It’s the largest outdoor advertising display intended for viewing from extended distances and twice as large as a 48 sheet.

As well as building brand awareness, an outdoor marketing campaign can create instant response. The use of QR codes, web addresses, social media and strong call to actions can make your target audience have an instant reaction.

Costs associated with billboards in an outdoor marketing campaign

Forms of mass market communication, like TV and radio isn’t cheap. When it comes to outdoor, billboard advertising costs are the cheapest when it comes to reach hundreds of thousands of people.

 To understand the costs involved, it’s important to know how they are calculated. It’s based on:-
  • Firstly, Location.
  • Secondly, Size of billboard used in your marketing campaign.
  • Length of display period.
  • Finally, Poster production costs.

For example, You can look at paying around £350+vat for a 2 week marketing campaign on a 48 sheet billboard.

Tips for Success of an outdoor marketing campaign

To ensure you get success from your marketing campaign, you need to apply careful planning and precision. In these modern times, consumers are ruled by the smartphone. The attention of your target audience is drawn into the apps in front of them. In order to break into that attention span, follow these tips:

Ensure that your outdoor marketing campaign is shareable.

Social media is an influential platform. Your are a user and so are millions others. Creating a striking and innovative outdoor marketing campaign will attract more attention, those who see it will share it via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This will further the reach and impact of your marketing campaign.

You want to think about your outdoor advert and achieve something that will cause a stir. Enough that people will film/share it on their platforms.

Utilise billboards with high traffic counts.
You may be tempted to use lesser sites in your marketing campaign to save money. A big NO NO. The key to success is getting as many eyeballs on your message as possible. It’s far better to do one billboard that gets millions of views every month, than a couple of sites that gets 600,000.

Less is definitely more.
On average, outdoor advertising is looked at for up to 4-6 seconds. Don’t saturate your advert with messages with lots of text. Keep it simple, and let a few words and a high quality image grab their attention.

We hope that you find these tips on planning an outdoor marketing campaign useful. If you are thinking of running a marketing campaign for your business, Billboards should definitely be on your radar. Showcase outdoor offer high impact sites at affordable costs.

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