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Engage customers with outdoor billboards

OOH ads are perfect for grabbing people’s attention when they are in the most alert state of mind, That’s why national brands book outdoor billboards.

We often hear that “we are only a small business and far from a national brand” how can we afford outdoor billboards?, Also “OOH ads don’t work for SME’s”

So let us explain why advertising on billboards work for the conservatory company on the industrial estate and the hair salon tucked away around the corner, as much as the likes of Coca-Cola and Bmw.

Your target audience is alert when presented with OOH ads

Consumers are 33% more alert when outside of their homes making them very receptive to outdoor billboards around their local area.

Just think of yourself commuting to work, stuck in traffic and you pass outdoor billboards. This high impact advertising tells you to try something new. Furthermore, It can remind you of a previous company that you have used.

With the right advert creative, your key demographic will be out and ready to be persuaded.

Outdoor billboards are now more affordable than ever

Why should national brands only see the benefits?

With Amplify Outdoor being an independent, family run company, we have made billboards more affordable than ever. Our OOH ads are situated in very busy environments so you can tap into a relevant audience in an exact place at an exact time at a lower cost than ever before.

OOH ads increase profits

As well as being an effective standalone advertising format, outdoor billboards work brilliantly in tandem with other types of advertising. Obviously we know running a multi-platform advertising campaign might be ambitious for a small business.

What can you take from this?

Its reassuring for you to know that research has shown that campaigns which include OOH ads produce a greater increase in profits. Are you focusing solely on social media, word-of-mouth or an advert in the local newspaper?. Adding outdoor billboards to the mix will increase the delivery on your return on investment.

Billboards are popular

Research shows that across all age groups OOH ads remain one of the most popular types of advertising for customers.

Billboard advertising gets a positive reaction from their audience, especially in comparison to those intrusive online banner ads. We also know that millennials skip YouTube adverts.

No matter how small the campaign, outdoor billboards deliver on profits, affordability, popularity and ROI.  These are very important things when choosing how to advertise your local business. For a look at our sites and where your business would be seen, visit our locations page or get in touch with us today.

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