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An outdoor billboard is one of the best ways to advertise your business

An outdoor billboard has been proven to be one of the best ways to advertise your business within the local area. With companies constantly looking for high impact ways to promote their brand and product to their desired audience, an outdoor billboard ticks all the boxes.

An outdoor billboard can use these ways to advertise your business :

  • Provide contact details about your business such as your web address, tel number and showroom directions.
  • Notify customers about new product launches or service changes.
  • Inform people about special offers or a benefit of a current product.
  • Prompt immediate action – Maybe by getting consumers to visit your premises or website, or act on a call to action.
  • Remind existing customers about your business.
  • Make your business first choice for customers, over your competitors.
  • Build brand awareness for your business.
Ways to advertise your business successfully

An outdoor billboard is one of the best ways to advertise your business successfully.

An outdoor billboard will target your customers

Firstly, Identify who your target audience is. Are they local, regional or national. This will help you choose the right locations to place your advert.

There are many ways to advertise your business through outdoor advertising. So you must consider which format will engage with this audience.

One of the worst ways to advertise your business is to buy advertising space in a certain area just because you drive past it everyday. It should always be focused on your potential customers.

You should also find out about the traffic data, audience figures and reach of each location. This will ensure that you are selecting the right billboard advertising sites that will give your business the highest visibility.

The best ways to advertise your business with outdoor advertising

Buy and outdoor billboard in advance.

Outdoor advertising has been successful for companies for decades. They see the benefit in this advertising medium and often secure the space in advance.

If you want that billboard just outside your competitor. Your best chance of securing it is to plan well ahead before another business snaps it up.

Remember, an outdoor billboard can only be sold to one advertiser. So book early to get the dates that you want to avoid disappointment.

Signpost potential customers to your business.

One of the ways to advertise your business is to use outdoor advertising close to your showroom in order to signpost potential customers in the immediate area towards you.

Book an outdoor billboard long term.

A big benefit of booking a billboard on a long term basis is the ability to build brand awareness. It will engage audiences with your brand and business over an extended period of time.

Amplify Outdoor also offer great discounts for long term outdoor advertising campaigns. Not only do you get the benefit of securing a prime spot over a long period, you also get to save money.

An outdoor billboard situated in a bad location with a national company

An example of an outdoor billboard situated in a bad location with a national company

Utilise an local outdoor advertising business over a national company.

Local outdoor advertising companies have a great local knowledge of your area. This is obviously an important factor when proposing the right locations for your business.

Generally the sales reps at national companies have never even stepped foot in your area. So how can they suggest the right outdoor billboard locations for your business!!!!!!!

Amplify Outdoor cherry pick locations that are in prime spots for businesses within the local area. All are situated on main arterial roads with the highest of traffic counts. National providers have a lot of billboards that aren’t facing head on, angled the wrong way down a one way street or in industrial areas with low traffic counts.

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