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Outdoor Advertising Typography Tips

Choosing the right typography for your outdoor advertising campaign can be tricky. A font that works for a static billboard won’t necessarily work for digital billboard advertising. To help you understand what makes the best fonts, here are some outdoor advertising typography tips.

Outdoor Advertising Typography Tips

Firstly, it doesn’t matter what outdoor advertising format its for, your text needs to be legible from a distance. No matter how compelling your campaign, if those viewing your advert can’t read it, they will drive on by without giving it a second glance. 

Therefore, you need to make sure it’s clear for people to read and understand at a single glance. A general rule of thumb is a business will have just 3 to 6 seconds to make their content count.

Arguably, The main factors to consider for effective outdoor advertising typography are:

  • Font
  • Size
  • Spacing and alignment
  • Colour

outdoor advertising typography

Digital Outdoor Advertising Typography

DOOH Advertising Fonts

According to research, Sans-Serif fonts tend to work best for content on outdoor digital displays as they are the easiest to read at a glance and from distance. Also recommended are the Helvetica, Arial, Verdana and Open Sans fonts.

The Sans-Serif font is commonly used for headlines on digital signage content with Arial (28 percent), Helvetica (20 percent) and Verdana (8 percent) the most popular.

If you’re using multiple ad copies on DOOH, We recommend limiting text to three different fonts and styles, per slide. 

Furthermore, Your text body should all be all the same size, whilst the headline can be a different font and size. They all must be readable.

Font Size For Digital Screen Displays

Industry experts will say bigger is better for DOOH advertising screens. 

A larger font will give consumers the ability to read it from further distances. This gives them a much longer engagement of your advertising message. 

Large fonts will also take up more space, This minimises the amount of text you use, while increasing the impact. 

Use short, snappy lines in big font sizes, rather than lots of text in small print.

Digital signage messages below 250 characters boost engagement rates to 60 percent, according to Buffer.

Spacing And Alignment Of The Advertising Message

Cramming your text to on one side of the ad will make you look unprofessional. Text should never touch the outer perimeter of a digital display or any images.

Be sure to space out your lines of text inside of a mental margin, while keeping the lines aligned.

Space between your headlines and body copy should be the distance of one line of copy. You should add more space between the end of your body copy and the next headline – if you use one.

Font Colours 

The advertising background colour will determine the best colour to use for your text. Furthermore, Darker backgrounds compliment a white text font colour really well. Your text will really pop off the screen.

On lighter backgrounds a darker text colour will provide a vivid contrast provided you get the combination right.

best outdoor advertising fonts

Typography On Static Outdoor Advertising Sites

Fonts For Static Billboards

Importantly, fonts on static billboard sites should be readable from distances greater than 1,000ft. 

Thin or calligraphy style fonts are hard to read and practically invisible from distances or at medium to high speed in a vehicle. 

You should always have in the back of your mind that your message should be readable for pedestrians and motorists alike.

Good font choices for static static billboards include:

  • Serif – Because of their curled at the end of letters and numbers. This makes it easy for the human eye to make the transition from one letter to the next. 
  • Other popular fonts include Times New Roman, Garamond, Georgia and Baskerville.
  • Sans-serif – This font is easy to read and has a modern appeal. They are usually used for headlines, So the perfect font choice for the strapline in your outdoor advert.
  • Arial, Calibri, Verdana, Tahoma and Helvetica are the most commonly used fonts for headlines on static billboard displays.

Size Of Your Outdoor Advertising Typography

Similar to Digital outdoor, the bigger the font the better for your advertising creative. Big text limited to 10 words is the ideal content on outdoor billboards and posters.

Not only will it allow people to read your message from greater distances, It will also engage with them for a longer length of time as they are approaching the billboard.

Big fonts will occupy more space, minimising the amount of text that you use. Which also allows you to insert striking images to tell the story.

Just like digital billboards, use short, punchy text in big font sizes rather than long text in smaller fonts, which will be much more difficult to read.

Spacing And Alignment

Don’t confine your text to one place and avoid spacing letters to F      A      R        O      U      T or too close together. 

Keep your spacing and alignment even across the advertising display.

Colours To Use For Static Outdoor Advertising

When it comes to colours, you should always go for bold, highly contrasting colours that will help get your message noticed. 

Whilst colours can be a little more limited for billboard advertising compared to colours for print or online, there are still some great colours combinations that will make your text pop off contrasting backgrounds.

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