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How outdoor advertising signs can deliver results

Everywhere we go we are inundated with adverts and it’s so easy for them to blend in and for us to ignore them, So how can businesses stand out from the crowd? By using outdoor advertising signs.

Therefore, Lets take a look at some of the benefits of using outdoor advertising signs :-

Use Outdoor advertising signs to promote your business

Firstly, Outdoor advertising signs are aimed at advertising to consumers when they are out of the home and in public spaces.  Outdoor advertising includes billboard posters ranging from 6 sheets to 96 sheet billboards.

Billboard advertising is an affordable and effective way for businesses of all sizes to promote their products and services to their target audience.

Use outdoor advertising to build your brand

Secondly, Using outdoor advertising signs in a prominent location is an effective way to build your brand within your local area.

You want consumers to engage with your advert at the roadside and begin to absorb its message. Over a period of time people will recognise and remember your brand, picking your company over your competitors.

This works extremely well for companies that offer a service that’s not needed everyday.  Like a plumber or a car repair business. People within your local area might not need your services immediately but by using outdoor advertising signage it will put you at the top of their mind for when they eventually need it.

Beat the big brands locally

Maybe you own a restaurant that offers great food and service. Yet you are losing customers to large restaurant chains like TGI Fridays.

We all know that they have large outdoor advertising budgets but they are also running national campaigns.

The local community is a loyal audience. If you promote your local, family owned restaurant within the immediate area showing your understanding of what local people need, the chances are they will choose you over one of the big brands.

Time your message well

I drove past a billboard at the roadside last week. The message caught my attention even when i was surrounded by advertising messages.

The big difference was the timing. Nothing else was attracting my attention and I was fully engaged with the advert. That’s why outdoor advertising signage is the perfect platform to promote your business.

Advertising on a roadside billboard gives you the opportunity to engage with an audience who are bored stuck in traffic jams.

Outdoor advertising signs and online works in tandem.

With modern technology such as smart phones, They’re a great way for your billboard advertising message to increase footfall to your website. The call to action on the billboard that I read the other day was directing me to the website being advertised. That’s instant new footfall.

If you’re looking at running an outdoor advertising campaign. Think about using hashtags as it offers potential customers the opportunity to check it out online and share with their followers.

The more entertaining your advert is, the more likely your it will be shared in a post. Furthermore, This will in turn increase your word of mouth advertising.

Using outdoor advertising signs alongside other media.

Outdoor advertising should always be added to any marketing campaign. There are ideas about the most effective frequency for advertising. Therefore, Your customer will need to see your advert a minimum of three times before it starts to become effective.

They might see your advert in the local paper, Then hear it on the radio and at the same time drive past a billboard. Cover all of the bases. This way you will attract their attention at a moment when in the situation to absorb it.

Run an outdoor advertising campaign with Amplify Outdoor

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Billboard advertising costs start from £70 per week for long term campaigns. Furthermore, We can take care of the whole process from design to poster printing.

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