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Common outdoor advertising mistakes and how to avoid them

No business wants to put their marketing budget into an advertising campaign and then not see a return on investment from it. There are many mistakes when carrying out an outdoor advertising campaign that can dilute the success of your campaign.

Below is a few of the most common outdoor advertising mistakes that can be avoided. This should help you focus your attention on planning and executing an effective outdoor advertising campaign.

Not doing your research

For example, business is quiet at the moment and sales are down; quick, let’s create an advert and get it live as soon as possible.

Big mistake!!!

You must always do your research about who you want to engage with. Furthermore, the areas that you want to target and not rush the advert design. Also do a recce of potential sites that you feel would be a good location for your business.

We want your marketing campaign to work for your business as much as you do and we want businesses using our billboards not to rush into a campaign without thinking it through.

Trying to reach out to everyone

Because billboards are seen by everyone, businesses are often tempted to create adverts that mean all things to all people. People are so diverse and have different interests so not everyone will be influenced by the same billboard advert.

When it comes to getting your business and services in front of your key demographic, you need to pick your battles.

outdoor advertising mistakes



Dreary ad designs

This has to be one of the biggest outdoor advertising mistakes. No matter how good your business and product is, you still need to create an advert that portrays it to the best of its ability and add prestige.

The most effective advertising creative sparks an emotional response from your audience. You can find lots of great tips to creating an effective billboard advert  on our other post.

Using an advertising agency without any local knowledge

We tend to see this a lot. A local business employs an advertising agency situated 300 miles away from their area. They do not have any local knowledge about the area demographics, where the best billboard locations are and tend to only book a billboard that has the immediate availability rather than waiting until the best one becomes available.

So the best way to avoid bad results and experiences is to get in touch with us direct as we have over 20 years experience within the outdoor advertising industry coupled with a great local knowledge ensuring that we help you choose the right location for your business.

Using a national billboard company over a local billboard company

There are several reasons as to why you should book your advertising campaign with local billboard companies such as Amplify Outdoor.

  • National companies have a posting schedule of week commencing

This means that you have booked your campaign to start on the Monday but could go live on the Friday. With Amplify Outdoor your campaign will go live the day that it is booked. This is so you do not lose any vital days off your campaign.

  • National companies use third party billposters.

The third party billposters generally have hundreds of posters to put up every week, so you might notice that they are not joined up correctly or will start to peel within a few days into the campaign.   Amplify Outdoor post all of our adverts in house with care and attention, meaning they will be joined up correctly and stay in place for the entire campaign.

  • Rate Cards

National outdoor advertising companies tend to have a rate card that they must stick to it and do not allow them to offer discounts or packages. We are not bound by big national rate cards and offer great discounts for multiple billboard locations and longer term bookings. Please feel free to have a look at the benefits of booking outdoor advertising long term

  • No local knowledge

I know we keep going on about local knowledge but it one of the biggest outdoor advertising mistakes. You will generally speak to an account manager on the phone who is situated elsewhere in the country. Furthermore, They’ve never even been to your area. He will propose to you locations based on availability rather than your needs so he/she can hit their target.

Showcase outdoor rely on repeat business, in fact 96% of our bookings are repeat customers. We want your campaign to work as much as you do.

We can help you plan and execute a successful campaign. Furthermore, we’ll avoid some of the outdoor advertising mistakes listed above. please get in touch with us today

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