outdoor advertising media

An overview of outdoor advertising media

If your business is looking to make a big statement within the local area, Then outdoor advertising media can do just that. By taking advantage of billboards, you will be putting your message right in front of your target audience.

Why does outdoor advertising media work

While most traditional advertising formats like newspapers are on the declineoutdoor advertising keeps on growing. It has been working for businesses for decades as it is seen by everyone who is out of home.

Billboard advertising is attention grabbing and does not need to be invited in. You don’t have to switch it on, tune in, click onto it or turn a page.  Consumers don’t have to do anything to see it.

At the same time, most consumers see outdoor advertising media as the less intrusive medium out of all the methods. Indeed, billboard advertising is engaging and stirs interest. At locations where it displays messages to a captive audience – at the busy roadside when stuck in a traffic jam creates a welcome distraction.

Where should you use this advertising format?

Outdoor advertising media ranges from 6 sheet poster sites in shopping malls to massive 96 sheet billboards at a busy roadside. There are billboard sizes and packages to suit all budgets. Your decision should be based on who your target market is and then this will determine where to place your advert.

If your target audience is defined by a geographical location then a couple of well positioned billboards in your area would help build your brand and drive sales.

Outdoor advertising is the last window of influence when people are in shopping mode and engages with them when they are in a buying frame of mind.

An outdoor advertising media campaign can signpost people into buying your products. They will be choosing you over your competitors.

Creative outdoor advertising campaigns

One of the key considerations for any outdoor advertising media campaign is the length of time that an audience will view the advert for. Billboard advertising has around 4-6 seconds to get your message across before the consumer drives past.

You need to make sure that your billboard is simple, with clear images and as few words as possible. This will make it easier for the consumer to absorb your message at extended distances.

Always look at incorporating a promotion, a strong call to action and contact details within your creative.

Therefore, a simple message along with clarity is always essential. Colours should be bold and the ad should be easily visible from a distance.

Buying outdoor advertising media space

Outdoor advertising is sometimes planned and bought by agencies. Although it is now so much easier to buy direct with an outdoor advertising company. Amplify Outdoor offers the complete package for local businesses. From picking the locations, design, printing and fixing.

One of the factors to consider in terms of choosing a location is the traffic count. When choosing your sites, ask about the traffic data and how many vehicles use the roads per month. Showcase outdoor are able to tell you how many people see the site, and what demographic is in the immediate area.

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