outdoor advertising integrated with online advertising

Outdoor advertising integrated with online advertising

Outdoor advertising has been around for years and years, it has become part of the urban landscape. We see it on the sides of roads and buildings. When we leave our homes and commute to work or pop down to the shops.

The benefits of outdoor advertising integrated with online advertising

Outdoor advertising integrated with online advertising, which are two very successful types of advertising has been proven to be very effective.

For example – the consumer will notice your advertising message whilst out of home and then engage with the brand whilst on their smartphone, laptop or computer.

 In fact, studies have shown that people who have seen an outdoor advertising campaign are 17% more likely to follow up and engage with that brand on their smartphone. An outdoor advertising campaign can encourage consumers to connect with your brand in a more direct way.

The benefits of outdoor advertising integrated with online advertising

Combine short term impact with a long term presence

The high impact and sheer size of a billboard is one of its key strengths and provides a presence in the “real” world that adds legitimacy to businesses that would otherwise only be encountered online.

Unlike other advertising formats, Billboards are much harder to ignore, we know this as 98% of the UK population will see an Outdoor advert every week there’s no getting away from the fact that outdoor advertising offers a massively engaged audience in a cost effective way.

A successful outdoor advertising campaign will push traffic towards your website and increase awareness of your online presence.

Using social media alongside your outdoor campaign

We don’t need to tell you just how influential social media is in this world and using it alongside your outdoor campaign can have many benefits.

  • Adding hashtags into your advertising creative improves your online engagement with consumers starting to talk about your business and product that they have just seen on a billboard.
  •  If you create a memorable outdoor campaign, consumers who see it may share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram amongst friends and friends of friends , furthering the reach of your message and greatly amplifying the impact of your advert.


Digitally track the success of your campaign

There has always been the lack of concrete information available to accurately tell if an Outdoor advert has worked.

But combining online with Outdoor, advertisers can capitalise upon the brand exposure. Furthermore, The reach of a billboard alongside the data available through digital campaigns.

Developing a plan to track your outdoor ad digitally enables advertisers to capture valuable information about the success of a campaign.

Practical ways in which you could track an OOH campaign online could be to include a dedicated website url, promo or QR code on your ad.

You can then see how much online sales/ Web track were landed as a direct result of your outdoor ad campaign.

We also have a lot more tips on tracking the success of your advert on our page How is billboard advertising effectiveness measured

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