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98% of people see outdoor advertising in Salisbury every week

Salisbury, a cathedral city in Wiltshire is only 9 miles away from Stonehenge. Due to the City being so close to this popular tourism hotspot you will find millions of visitors spilling in every year.

Outdoor advertising in Salisbury gives local businesses the opportunity to reach out and engage with this audience who have a high disposable income.

The City has so much to offer, with a variety of independent shops, restaurants, café’s and the Salisbury Cathedral. It attracts visitors from all over the World and the UK.

98% of people see outdoor advertising in Salisbury every week and is a powerful media platform signpost potential customers to your place of business.

What are the costs like if my business wanted to use outdoor advertising? 

Many local businesses never enquire about using outdoor advertising in Salisbury. This is due to the perception that it is expensive and only available to national brands. This couldn’t be further from the truth as outdoor advertising costs less than any other form of advertising in Salisbury.

Amplify Outdoor believe that billboards should be affordable to businesses of all sizes and not just big brands.

The cost for using outdoor advertising in Salisbury can be as little as £100 per week.

A study has found that, Outdoor advertising in Salisbury can boost customer loyalty by 275%.

This is why billboard advertising is one of the best marketing tools to increase brand awareness and trust with potential customers in Salisbury.

Prominent Locations

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The benefits of using outdoor advertising on a long term basis

The benefits of booking outdoor advertising long term has so many advantages. Many companies in the area understand the value of booking outdoor advertising in Salisbury over a longer period. Some benefits include securing a prime spot for an extended period and heavily discounted rates.

More often than not, local businesses snap them up, so it is best to get in touch with us  as soon as you have a location in mind.

Use OOH advertising in Salisbury as a community noticeboard.

The City is home to over 60,000 residents, These people are loyal and keen to support local businesses. Using outdoor advertising in Salisbury acts as a community notice board. The massive canvas of a billboard can raise awareness of your event, sale or product within the immediate vicinity.

Why does my business need advertising?

Have you ever thought about why outdoor adverts in Salisbury are right for your business?. With so many ways to advertise your company these days, it’s important to understand the effectiveness of each of them. Billboard advertising is extremely effective because it offers so many benefits to the advertiser.

  • Creates a conversation and builds brands – Firstly, Outdoor advertising in Salisbury is the perfect way to get consumers talking about your business. Furthermore, It creates immediate awareness of your services and products.
  • Effective and uninterrupted display – Secondly, Outdoor advertising cannot be avoided. This is due to the message being displayed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Cost Effective for mass market coverage – Finally, Outdoor advertising is cost effective at reaching mass market. It costs less than a penny per thousand that see your advert. Other forms of advertising simply cannot come close.

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