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Outdoor advertising formats for local businesses

As we go about our everyday lives we will come into contact with many outdoor advertising formats in all shapes and sizes. It is believed that consumers see hundreds of outdoor advertisements every day, even more if they live in big cities like London or Manchester.

Outdoor advertising is also known as out of home (OOH) advertising. It’s a term that describes any type of advertising that reaches people when they are outside of the home. There are lots of various outdoor advertising formats, but in a nutshell, if it’s outside, it’s outdoor advertising.

Billboards are one of the oldest and most successful outdoor advertising formats and is considered to be a mass-market medium. For this reason, it proves to be very powerful when used for broad messages and brand building.

General design rules for outdoor advertising formats

If you are looking at running a billboard advertising  the creative must not be cluttered and over run with text. Passers by only have seconds to take the advert in, so use striking images to tell your story.

If you have more than 12 words on a billboard, you are starting to ask a lot from a potential customer especially when most will be driving past at high speed. Pedestrians would be occupied with their mobile device, so use eye catching an creative messages.

Types of outdoor advertising formats

Most outdoor formats fit very well within the media mix, as it reaches millions of consumers who are on foot, travelling by bus or commuting in the car.

The most common outdoor advertising formats include:

  • Billboard advertising
  • Point of sale displays (POS)
  • Street furniture – Bus shelters, Toilets, Phone boxes.
  • Transport advertising – Taxis, buses, London Underground, trains.


Costs associated with outdoor advertising

Billboard advertising costs in the UK can vary due to the size and location. Typically, a 48 sheet billboard costs around £350+vat per 2 weeks and smaller formats like a 6 sheet costs £200+vat for 2 weeks.

Amplify Outdoor also offer discounts for longer term campaigns and multiple location bookings. Please feel free to get in touch with us to chat about your next campaign.

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