outdoor advertising definition

Outdoor advertising definition – What does it mean?

Outdoor advertising definition

In this post we look at the outdoor advertising definition and why businesses have been using it for decades.

Outdoor advertising (also OOH advertising) or out-of-home media (also OOH media or outdoor media) is advertising that reaches the people while they are outside of their homes.

Outdoor advertising is focused on marketing and engaging consumers when they are “on the move” in public places, commuting, shopping and socialising.

There are many outdoor advertising formats such as billboards, advans, 6 sheets and banners to name a few.


Outdoor advertising works extremely well for promoting your business and brand in specific geographical areas at an exact times. The flexibility of outdoor advertising means that you can engage with a massive audience. You can speak to them as they commute to and from work, shop and socialise.

Your billboard advert is often one of  the first things that gets seen by your potential customer customers, So your ad should be sufficiently bright and conspicuous to attract attention and  informative.

Billboards are most effective when located close to the business advertised. Amplify Outdoor make this high impact form of advertising affordable to businesses of all sizes. We strongly believe that small businesses should be aloud to reach a very large audience, like the national brands.

Please feel free to look at our billboard advertising costs section for prices and packages for small businesses.

High dwell time

Billboard advertisers have a huge, relevant audience. Traffic lights hold the motorists captive. Furthermore, this produces a high dwell time to take the advertisers message in.

Usually, the advertising message consists of simple two colour artwork with your company’s name, brief copy describing the product or service, address and phone number. You must always have a strong call-to-action to entice consumers to your place of business.

So now you understand the outdoor advertising definition lets discuss planning a campaign for you.

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