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The advantages of outdoor advertising banners

Thinking of using outdoor advertising banners to market your business?. Outdoor advertising works really well when it comes to marketing your business within the local area. Billboards can be highly effective for a business of any size.

So why are outdoor advertising banners so successful?. People spend 70% of their waking life out of the home. Whether it’s commuting, driving the kids to school or socialising with friends. Outdoor advertising effectively targets this highly alert audience as they go about their everyday lives.

Lets take a look at some of the advantages of using outdoor advertising banners for your business:

Increases Brand Recognition

As consumers go about their everyday lives, they rarely have time to research a company or the type of services they offer. Outdoor advertising promotes the information of businesses in a creative and high impact way.

Billboard advertising informs potential customers of the companies brand, contact details and what they can offer.


Outdoor advertising banners have the ability to deliver important information even as consumers are concentrating on their daily tasks.

Billboards offer flexibility

Outdoor advertising is flexible for businesses. They can take advantage of placing their advertising message in a specific location in order to engage with their target demographic.

Furthermore, placing an advert on a billboard at a busy roadside close to your business will instil your brand in the minds of consumers as they go about their daily commute.

You cannot avoid outdoor advertising banners.

Unlike TV and radio, outdoor advertising cannot be turned off or switched over. It’s always displaying messages and consumers simply cannot avoid it.

Striking images and eye catching designs subconsciously affect our brains.  They leave lasting impressions in our minds without us even consciously realising.

Measuring the success of using outdoor advertising banners

Advertising campaigns needs to be measured to determine whether they have been successful or not.

Monitoring outdoor advertising banners can a bit more challenging to measure than other formats, but it can be achieved

When creating your advert, think about including :

  • A dedicated URL to a specific landing page
  • Incorporating a social media hashtag.
  • QR codes are good at monitoring the effectiveness of your outdoor advertising too.
  • Using forms for customers to fill out when they visit your showroom.
  • Or simply ask – “Where did you see us?”  “How did you hear about us?”

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