Out of home advertising stats

There is so many stats and information with regards to out of home advertising these days. We thought we would compile a few of the most important to consider.

Here you will find the key out of home advertising stats so you can plan a marketing campaign.

People spend 70% of their waking time out of their homes

Think about the amount of waking time we spend outside these days :-

  • Commuting to and from work or school.
  • Socialising.
  • Shopping and leisure activities.

People spend a lot of time on the go within the local area.

Out of home advertising engages this highly alert audience as they go about their everyday lives like no other forms of advertising can. We take guidance and influence from adverts that we see along the way and the trick is to have your advertising message in positions where they are most likely to see and be influenced by them.

98% of people see out of home advertising every week

With traditional forms of advertising not working like they used to, For example newspapers readerships on the decline, Out of home advertising and its results continue to grow and grow.

Out of home advertising messages can reach all demographics; from young to old, from rich to poor. You can engage with your target audience  by placing your advertising message in the right place at the right time. For example appeal to students near night clubs and cinemas, engage with shoppers on the high street.

People are 17% more likely to respond to an out of home advertising campaign on their mobile

Studies found that the most effective out of home adverts were capable of driving a 38% increase in mobile engagements with brands and businesses.

Did you also know that 17% more people engaged with a brand and business after being exposed to an out of home advert. Research also showed that 66% of smartphone engagements were direct to the brand and business.

50% of high street shoppers make impulse purchasing decisions

50% of purchasing decisions are made on impulse. Most of these purchases are encouraged by special offers and discounts, but nearly three quarters (64%) are motivated by persuasive messages.

Combine creative messaging and the right location to engage your demographic and your business. This should get a high return on investment on its out of home advertising spend.

Almost half of consumers see out of home advertising an hour before shopping online

Out of home advertising reaches people an hour preceding 43% of mobile shopping activity, and before 32% of searches on their mobile device.

Out of home advertising is very likely to reach smartphone users the hour before making purchasing decisions.

Amplify Outdoor have a portfolio of billboards in prime locations giving your business the opportunity to reach a large, relevant audience as they move around the local area.

72 million vehicles drive past our billboards every month. Imagine tapping into this vast number and signposting just 1% of this number to your business.

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