out-of-home advertising market

The Out-Of-Home Advertising Market

The out-of-home advertising market has the ability to reach consumers when they are outside of the home. Like TV or radio, it is described as a mass market medium. Due to this, it is used successfully for brand building and alongside other advertising formats.

Why Businesses Love The Out-Of-Home Advertising Market?

Advertising online is frustrating for businesses. Consumers are using numerous ways to block the adverts coming through on their mobile devices.

Advert blocking is impossible with outdoor advertising and cannot be skipped. Billboards, buses, telephone kiosks and other formats within the out-of-home advertising market cannot be avoided.

Therefore, Billboard advertising is the perfect way for businesses within the local area to stand out via big, bold and colourful messages.

Local companies who have made out-of-home advertising part of their marketing campaigns have noticed it also boosts the success of the other media used within.

We know through research that consumers are 48% more likely to click on a mobile ad after seeing the same outdoor advert first. Furthermore, 46% of adults had searched online after seeing the message within the out-of-home advertising market.

The Costs Associated With Out-Of-Home Advertising

Recent studies have confirmed that outdoor advertising delivers a high Return of Investment for businesses within all sectors. Furthermore, the higher the marketing spend on formats like billboard advertising the greater the ROI.

As far as rates are concerned, Billboard advertising costs as little as £350 for 2 weeks. As a result billboards are within reach of SME’s.

What is Out-of-Home Advertising

The Out-Of-Home Advertising Market Has A High Reach

OOH is a great platform for businesses and brands to reach a broad audience. Outdoor advertising can engage with consumers that can be difficult to reach through other forms of advertising. Those consumers who may not have access to traditional mediums can be targeted successfully with billboards.

What Is Driving The Progression Of Outdoor Advertising.

The key player in the future growth and success of OOH is digitalisation. It offers new capabilities and greater effectiveness, which is why the out-of-home advertising market is seeing a huge growth.

Digital outdoor advertising offers convenience and flexibility to change messages at a moments notice. Where replacing a poster is a slightly time-consuming, digital out-of-home can upload adverts instantly to become relevant with whats going on.

The digital out-of-home advertising market grew by another 10% this year. This lifted the whole OOH market as a result.

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