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Out Of Home Advertising Explained

Over the years, there has been a constant demand for businesses to use many forms of out of home advertising. It’s a multi-million pound industry for a reason — it works.  Your business may want to get started with this popular form of advertising. If so, it would be useful for us to explain out of home advertising and its benefits.

What Is OOH Advertising

Out of Home advertising, also called Outdoor advertising or OOH for short, includes any form of visual advertising media that a consumer will encounter when they are outside of their home. Out of home media displays range from billboards to bus stops and shop signage.

One of the main ways of identifying and implementing OOH successfully is creativity: for example, you are likely to have seen many eye catching outdoor campaigns being shared across social media platforms due to it’s execution.

We spend 70% of our waking lives outdoors, and with the growth of digital online advertising, it can sometimes be hard to get your ad message heard. Out of home advertising solves this and it is a powerful tool for advertisers and marketers.

Why Is Out Of Home Advertising Important?

In today’s world, it may feel like you should be marketing your business online, but that would be ignoring out of home advertising and how effective it is as part of your marketing strategy. OOH ads leverage digital advertising to get a brand message heard across a mass market which makes it a very powerful tool.

The impact OOH adverts can have on consumers is undeniable: they can’t turn it off as they would a TV or change the channel on the radio. In fact, OOH is 382% more effective than TV, 200% more effective than print, and 63% more effective than radio in driving consumers online, according to the OAAA. This means that a creative outdoor advertising campaign is more likely to get a message across.

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Digital advertising has seen a boom in recent years, but with increased data protection laws, ad blockers and just the sheer amount of information consumers are bombarded with online daily, online ads are hated.

OOH advertising provides the ideal blend of the best of both worlds: traditional ads and tech-powered tools. In fact, one study found that consumers are 48% more likely to interact with a digital ad after being exposed to outdoor advertising first.

Out of Home advertising is impossible to avoid and it reaches a massive audience. For example, through billboard advertising, brands are guaranteed to engage with a large number of people as they move around their local area.

OOH ads have many benefits, One in particular is that they are large, eye-catching messages that stands out within the urban environment.

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Digital Out Of Home Ads

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is one of the fastest growing forms of advertising today. Specifically because it is in many ways very attractive to brands and businesses.

DOOH offers some of the advantages of the technology used in online display advertising, such as targeting and enhanced traffic data, but at the same time it is completely immune to ad blockers, and OOH ads cannot be skipped by the user.

Also, DOOH requires a certain level of creativity to grab attention – something that has decreased over time with online display ads.

Advertisers can integrate tailored messaging on digital screens as new creatives can be uploaded in seconds. Several types of triggers can be used to activate a more dynamic form of OOH advertising. Advertisers may now provide dynamic media depending on mobile device demographics and behaviour in real-time, thanks to better and more precise data.


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