Why Does Outdoor Advertising Offer Brand Safety 

Brand safety has become a critical concern for advertisers in modern times. With the rise of programmatic advertising and the potential for ads to appear alongside inappropriate or harmful content, advertisers are seeking safer environments for their brand messaging. Outdoor advertising, with its physical and controlled nature, offers a unique solution to this problem. In this blog post, we will explore why outdoor advertising provides brand safety and how advertisers can ensure their brand remains protected in this medium. Join us as we delve into the world of outdoor advertising and its role in providing a safe environment for brands.

What is Brand Safety?

Brand safety refers to the measures taken by advertisers to protect their brand reputation and ensure that their ads are not associated with harmful or inappropriate content. In an online advertising context, brand safety involves avoiding ad placements on websites or platforms that may contain offensive, fraudulent, or damaging content. The goal is to ensure that ads are seen in a context that aligns with the brand’s values and does not risk harming its reputation.

How Do You Ensure Brand Safety?

Ensuring brand safety requires a proactive approach from advertisers. Here are some key steps to consider: 
1. Choose Trusted Partners: Work with reputable ad networks, publishers, and media agencies that have established brand safety measures in place. Conduct due diligence and research on potential partners to ensure that they adhere to industry-recognised standards and practices. 
2. Define Brand Safety Guidelines: Clearly define brand safety guidelines and communicate them to partners and stakeholders. Specify the types of content or contexts that are considered unsafe for your brand and establish protocols for handling any potential issues that may arise. 
3. Monitor Ad Placements: Regularly monitor where your ads are being placed and assess the context in which they appear. Utilise technology and third-party verification tools to ensure that your ads are not appearing alongside harmful or inappropriate content. 
4. Utilise Targeting and Exclusion Lists: Leverage targeting capabilities to ensure that your ads are reaching the right audience in appropriate contexts. Use exclusion lists to prevent ad placements on websites or platforms that are not aligned with your brand’s values or may pose a risk to brand safety. 
5. Stay Up-to-Date with Industry Standards: Keep abreast of industry standards and best practices for brand safety. Participate in industry initiatives and collaborate with industry associations to stay informed about emerging risks and effective mitigation strategies.

outdoor advertising offers brand safety

Why Does Outdoor Advertising Offer Brand Safety?

Outdoor advertising offers inherent brand safety benefits that make it an attractive medium for advertisers. Here are some reasons why outdoor advertising provides a safe environment for brands: 
Controlled Environments

Unlike digital advertising, outdoor advertising takes place in a controlled physical environment. Advertisers have full control over the placement and context in which their ads appear. This control minimises the risk of ads being associated with inappropriate or harmful content.

Limited Ad Space

Outdoor advertising provides limited ad space, which means that ads are not competing for placement alongside potentially harmful or offensive content. Advertisers have a dedicated space that is solely focused on their brand message, reducing the risk of association with unrelated or damaging content.

Targeted Placement

Outdoor advertising allows for targeted placement in high-traffic areas or specific locations that align with the brand’s target audience. This targeted approach ensures that ads are seen by the intended audience in appropriate contexts, reducing the risk of exposure to irrelevant or harmful content.

Physical Presence

Outdoor advertising has a physical presence in the real world, making it less susceptible to issues such as ad fraud or ad placement on questionable websites. This physicality provides an added layer of security and assurance for brands.

Brand Association

Outdoor advertising allows brands to carefully select the locations and environments in which their ads are displayed. By associating their brand with reputable and trusted billboard advertising spaces, brands can enhance their own reputation and foster a positive brand image.

Final Thoughts

Brand safety is a significant concern for advertisers, and outdoor advertising offers a solution in the digital age. With its controlled environments, limited ad space, targeted placement, physical presence, and positive brand association, outdoor advertising provides a safer environment for brands to communicate their messages. However, it is essential for advertisers to remain vigilant and proactive in ensuring they work with trusted partners, defining brand safety guidelines, monitoring ad placements, utilising targeting and exclusion lists, and staying informed about industry standards. By combining these practices with the inherent benefits of outdoor advertising, advertisers can effectively protect their brand reputation and create a safe environment for their messaging. 

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