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Identifying and Executing Your OOH Marketing Goals

In today’s competitive business landscape, it is crucial for companies to have a well-defined OOH marketing strategy that effectively reaches their target demographic. One powerful tool that can help achieve this is Out-of-Home (OOH) marketing. . In this blog post, we will explore the world of OOH marketing, including its definition, strategy, goal identification, creating effective outdoor adverts, measuring effectiveness, and providing examples of successful OOH campaigns.

What is OOH Marketing?

OOH marketing refers to advertising efforts and formats that target consumers when they are outside their homes, such as billboards, transit advertising (ads on buses, trains, and taxis), street furniture (such as bus shelters and benches), and digital screens of all sizes. OOH marketing allows brands to reach a wide audience and create brand awareness in high-traffic areas.

What is the OOH Strategy?

The OOH strategy involves carefully planning and executing advertising campaigns to achieve specific marketing goals. It requires identifying target locations, selecting appropriate advertising mediums, designing compelling visuals, and delivering a clear message to a target audience. The OOH strategy aims to create a memorable brand experience, increase brand visibility, and drive consumer action.

So What Does OOH Billboard Marketing Offer?

Billboard advertising allows a massive exposure for brands and businesses. The Nielsen study  highlighted that 38% of people recalled seeing a billboard in the past week, and 51% in the past month. Adults aged between 25-34, 71% of them recalled seeing a billboard in the past month.

The sheer size and impact of billboards gives you the perfect opportunity to make a statement with your brand. Many billboards are situated near busy arterial roads, one thing to remember though is you only have a few seconds for your advert to make an impact so keep your creative clean and straight to the point. Motorists need to pay attention when driving, so they will not have time to read large amounts of text.

What is the OOH Strategy

Identifying Your OOH Marketing Goals

Before launching an outdoor advertising campaign, it is essential to identify your marketing goals. These goals will guide your strategy and help measure the success of your campaign. Here are some examples of common OOH marketing goals:

Boosting Sales: OOH advertising can drive foot traffic to retail locations, leading to increased sales. For example, a clothing brand may use billboards near to or in shopping centres to attract potential customers.

Increase Enquiries: OOH ads can generate inquiries and leads for businesses. A real estate company may use bus shelter ads to promote a new housing development and encourage potential buyers to inquire about available properties.

Increasing Web Traffic: OOH marketing can help drive online traffic to a company’s website. By including a website URL or QR code in the ad, businesses can direct consumers to their online platforms for more information or to make a purchase.

Social Media Engagement: Outdoor ads can be designed to encourage consumers to engage with a brand on social media platforms. For example, a restaurant may display a hashtag on a billboard, encouraging customers to share their dining experiences on social media.

Ticket Sales for an Event: OOH marketing can effectively promote events and drive ticket sales. Concerts, festivals, and sporting events often utilise billboards and bus advertising to create awareness and generate ticket sales.

New Product Launch: Well placed Outdoor ads can create buzz and excitement around a new product launch. By strategically placing ads in high-traffic areas, businesses can generate interest and drive sales for their new offering.

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Creating an Effective Outdoor Advert to Achieve Your Goals

To achieve your OOH goals, it is crucial to create compelling and visually appealing adverts. Consider the following tips:

1. Clear Message: Keep your message concise and easy to understand at a glance. Use bold fonts and colours to ensure readability from a distance.

2. Eye-Catching Visuals: Use high-quality images or photos that capture attention and align with your brand identity. Incorporate elements that evoke emotions or create a connection with your target audience.

3. Call-to-Action: Include a clear call-to-action that prompts consumers to take the desired action, such as visiting a website, making a purchase, or attending an event.

4. Location Relevance: Ensure that your ad is relevant to the location where it is displayed. Consider the demographics and interests of the audience in that area to tailor your message accordingly.

Measuring Your OOH Marketing Effectiveness

Now that you have a clear focus of what you want to get out of your billboard advert, You should think about measuring the effectiveness of your campaign.

This can be achieved by incorporating a dedicated hashtag, or website landing page which only features on your billboard. Having a QR (Quick Response) code can also help you gain interaction data.

How Much Does OOH Marketing Usually Cost?

Billboards are often perceived to be an expensive advertising format to invest in, and only accessible to big brands However, this couldn’t be further from the truth and now is the time for businesses of all sizes to utilise OOH marketing as part of their media plan.

Traditional billboards are now more accessible and cost-effective than ever before, OOH marketing packages can cost as little as £100+vat per week.

In Summary

OOH marketing is a powerful tool for brand building and achieving specific marketing goals. By identifying your goals, creating effective adverts, measuring its effectiveness, and drawing inspiration from other successful OOH campaigns, you can leverage this medium to reach your target audience, increase brand visibility, and drive consumer action. With careful planning and execution, OOH marketing can be a valuable addition to your overall marketing strategy.

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