OOH advertising campaign

Getting success from your OOH advertising campaign

OOH is such a powerful advertising medium to help businesses grow their brand, footfall and sales. You gain a lot of advantage from the fact that Amplify Outdoor are now making billboards affordable and available to small and medium sized businesses so an OOH advertising campaign is well within reach.

Being an SME ourselves, we know how every penny counts and how your advertising spend has to work hard for your business.

So we have put together a small guide on how to get success from you OOH advertising campaign


Before you even think about booking an OOH advertising location, producing your artwork etc,  you must do your research as to who your target audience is, Where you want to engage with them and other demographics. This will give you a much greater chance of success from your OOH advertising campaign.

1. Age of your target audience?

How old are the people you are hoping to reach?

2. Where does your target audience live or frequent?

Where is your target market most likely to be found? Are they commuters? Shoppers? Students? Once you have identified their locations please get in touch for info on our locations that will deliver this audience.

3. Affluence of your target audience?

Think about what audience will most likely purchase your product or service, For example -Is it a luxury brand? Then you would want to target an affluent audience.

4. Identify behaviours

Investigate places of work and leisure, modes of transport, places to socialise etc. It will help identify habits which will, in turn, inform your OOH advertising campaign.

Once you have identified your target audience, your OOH advertising campaign can begin. An understanding of your audience will help with your advert design and help you choose the perfect locations to advertise.

Incorporate your unique selling point (USP)

Your business’s unique selling point (USP) should be at the forefront of all of your advertising, especially in OOH. It’s what makes you stand out from your competitors and what makes a potential customer choose you over them.

Each OOH advertising campaign is an opportunity to present your unique characteristics to consumers. Position your business in such a way as to engage with your target audience so you are seen and chosen.

Integration With Your OOH Advertising Campaign

What you should be thinking about is how to connect your OOH advertising campaign to other facets of your marketing channels.

Below are the 4 C’s that will help you get on the right track for marketing integration.

Coherence – Are all aspects of your marketing logically connected?

Consistency – Do all your messages and connotations support each other without contradiction?

Continuity – If you are using multiple platforms, is the campaign consistent across all of them?

Complementary – Is your campaign more than the sum of its parts?

OOH advertising campaign

Consider your OOH advertising locations

Outdoor advertising gives you an opportunity to reach out to audiences as they move around the local area.

One of the best ways to make sure your OOH advertising campaign works is to choose the right location(s) in order for you to engage with your target audience and make sure that as many of them see it as possible.

As mentioned above, you must understand your target audience and demographic. Ask yourself the question, “where are these people normally found?” Are they shopping? Commuting to work? socialising with friends? Once you know where your target audience is found, you can then search for OOH locations in the relevant area.

Also think about:

  • Traffic count: Has the location got a high traffic count and is it in the right location to meet with your target audience.
  • Visibility: Is it highly visible from the roadside, facing head on to oncoming traffic with nothing obstructing the OOH advertising locations view.
  • Presence: Does the location stand out from its surroundings with very little advertising clutter nearby.

Our prime positions often gets snapped up by businesses so it is best to get in touch with us quickly for the availability as soon as you have a location(s) in mind.

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