measuring billboard effectiveness

Measuring Billboard Effectiveness For Campaign Success

We often hear from businesses who are thinking about using billboard advertising for the first time “there is no way of measuring billboard effectiveness ” and “How do I measure my return on investment”.

Unlike other advertising formats, traditional billboard advertising is a bit behind when it comes measuring its effectiveness. Businesses and agencies like to know the cold hard facts when looking at the success of something. However, this doesn’t undermine the effectiveness of outdoor advertising as there are many ways to measuring billboard effectiveness.

Measuring Billboard Effectiveness

Below are a few keys tips to improving your chances of an ROI and then measuring billboard effectiveness.

Right Locations For Billboard Effectiveness

Putting your advertising message in the wrong location would create an ineffective outdoor advertising campaign. This is due to the fact that the wrong kind of people will see it and you will be missing your target demographic.

Selecting the right locations for your business to advertise its services and products is a massive factor when measuring billboard effectiveness. Let’s help you choose the right locations:-

Firstly, you need to identify your target audience. What are their demographics?

1. Are you looking to reach out to males or females or both?

2. Young, middle-aged or the grey market?

3. What is the income level of your ideal customer?

4. The more you know about your target demographic, the easier they are to reach, message, and convert.

You may also want to consider looking at your customer data.

Who is currently buying your product or service?

Who are they purchasing it for?

If not you, where are they buying it from?

What need does your product or service satisfy?

Having a look through your current customer data is an ideal way to get a better understanding of who your target audience is.

Once you have identified your target market, Amplify Outdoor will work closely with you and identify locations that would be perfect to engage with your desired audience. We will present to you billboard advertising locations that will have the greatest number of your target market driving or walking past.

What are the tips for measuring billboard effectiveness

Creating The Right Advertising Message

Billboard advertising has a short window of opportunity when catching the attention of consumers. Billboards are seen by people when they are out and about and on the move, so it is important to catch their attention with attractive and catchy messages with not too much text. A good thing to know is consumers spend 25% more time out and about than they did 10 years ago.

Your billboard advertising message should be brief and contain a strong call to action. Try to key the text to nine words or less and utilise powerful images to get your point across. Furthermore, make sure your message resonates with your desired audience.

Measuring Billboard Effectiveness Digitally

Here are a few great ways for measuring billboard effectiveness and finding out how successful your campaign is.

  • Promo code. Include an exclusive promotion on your billboard advertising message which isn’t used on any of your other marketing material. Ask customers to mention a code when placing their order. These can be tracked when measuring billboard effectiveness.
  • Landing page. Create a unique landing page and then you can track your clicks and page visits. One thing to remember is people may be driving when viewing your advert and may not have time to write down a long URL. Make your WWW of the landing page simple and easy to recall.
  • Social media. Promote your billboard advertising campaign via your social media channels and monitor your likes, shares and comments.

We hope you found these tips for measuring billboard effectiveness useful. Amplify Outdoor would love to help you identify your target audience and create a successful billboard advertising campaign for your business. We are available 24/7 for a chat.

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