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Why choose a local outdoor advertising company over a national provider?

In this section we look at why businesses should use a local outdoor advertising company over the national providers.

We have all been there, when you want to discuss your account with your broadband or energy provider. There is nothing worse than having to deal with multiple people within a large organisation to order, amend or query something.

There are several factors as to why you should seriously consider using a local outdoor advertising company when planning on using billboards to promote your business and products.

Local Knowledge

Local knowledge of your area plays a vital part when delivering a successful outdoor advertising campaign. When dealing with national companies you will more often than not speak to a sales rep that has never even stepped foot in your area. So how can they recommend the right location(s) for your business!!!!!!!

Amplify Outdoor have over 20 years experience within the advertising industry and a great local knowledge of the area.

We also have access to planning tools that can determine demographics of a certain postcode. For example we can let you know:-

  • Age groups
  • Gender splits
  • Household incomes
  • Ethnicity
  • Education level
  • ABC’1s etc


A local outdoor advertising company, we at Amplify Outdoor haven’t got thousands of billboards within our portfolio. We cherry pick our locations that are perfect for businesses within the local area. All are in high impact areas, situated on main arterial roads with the highest of traffic counts.

In fact our portfolio of billboards has a combined total of 72 million vehicles driving past every month.

National providers tend to have a lot of locations that do not face head on to oncoming traffic, face the wrong way down a one way street and in industrial areas with very low traffic counts.

The national sales rep would also tend to recommend a billboard location based on whats available at the time and not whats right for your business.

local outdoor advertising


Being a local outdoor advertising company, our mission is to make this high impact form of advertising affordable to businesses of all sizes. Why should billboards only be affordable to big, national brands.

Amplify Outdoor are not bound by national rate cards that must be adhered to with no offer of discounts or package deals. We offer discounts for multiple billboard advertising locations and longer term bookings.

Have a look at the benefits of booking outdoor advertising long term with us, You can also compare our costs with the national providers here.


There are a few factors that come into play with the delivery and execution of your campaign:-

  • National companies have a posting schedule of week commencing

This means that you have booked your campaign to start on the Monday but could go live as late as the Friday.

Your campaign with Amplify Outdoor will go live on the day that it is booked so you do not lose any vital days off your campaign.

  • National companies use third party billposters.

The third party billposters will have hundreds of posters to put during the week, so you will notice that they are not joined up correctly or will start to peel within a few days into the campaign.   They more often than not fall off completely before your campaign has finished.

Amplify Outdoor post all of our adverts in house with care and attention, meaning they will be joined up correctly and stay in place for the entire campaign.

Customer service

We are a family run, local outdoor advertising company meaning we value every customer and campaign. Your marketing spend means as much to us as it does to you. We want your campaign to work!!!

You will deal with one person throughout the whole process, From planning the campaign, advert design, poster printing and fixing. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should you want to query anything.

Please feel free to check out our billboard advertising testimonials from some of our clients.

Amplify Outdoor offers a seamless process from start to finish for local businesses to plan and execute their outdoor advertising campaign with ease.

The process

Its truly a really easy process, We at Amplify Outdoor take care of everything.

  • We will help you choose the right advertising location for your business.
  • We will design your advert so that it engages with your key audience or offer advice to your designer on creating an effective billboard advert.
  • Print your poster.
  • Install your poster.
  • Send you photos of your advert in situ when your campaign goes live.
  • Use our social media channels to promote your campaign online.
  • You can also find our handy guide to buying outdoor advertising if you would like more information of the process.

In summary….

Do you book a billboard with a national outdoor advertising company based on whats available at the time, only for it to go up late and your advert will probably fall off during the period?


Deal with one person at Amplify Outdoor with local knowledge who will recommend a location based on your needs, use harder wearing posters, post adverts in house so they do not peel or fall off?

Its a no brainer really, A local outdoor advertising company all day long. Please get in touch with us today.

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