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Leaflet Distribution V’s Billboards

Companies are constantly looking for ways to advertise their business to a massive audience in a cost effective way. We often come across local businesses who have used leaflet distribution and have not seen a return on their investment.

On the other hand advertising on billboards is a proven way to reach a large, relevant audience, but don’t just take our word for it, Have a read of some of our billboard advertising testimonials from new and existing clients.

The Disadvantages Of Leaflet Distribution And Advertising

They Are Discarded Once Read

Leaflets lack long term impact as many consumers may read the message but will not keep them. Once read, leaflets often aren’t needed any more.

As many people distribute leaflets, potential customers are inundated with vast amounts of them, they may look once at the leaflet and then throw it away, they will not want to hold onto them as they create clutter.

No Long Term Impact

As mentioned, leaflets can easily be thrown away and generally do not grab the consumers attention. Some people can see leaflets as a waste of time as they will usually be advertising something that is not of interest to them.

The advertising message isn’t considered to be important

Leaflets are often distributed to people’s homes with no key demographic in mind, thus businesses are promoting something that isn’t of interested to the audience.

The Advantages Of Billboard Advertising Over Leaflets

1. Visibility
Billboards are placed on major arterial roads with very high traffic counts, thus, increasing the possibilities of being seen by a massive amount of relevant consumers as they travel around the local area. Unfortunately leaflet distribution isn’t able to afford the same luxury.

Given the ever increasing amount of vehicles on the road, this high impact advertising medium is more effective than ever in catching the attention of your businesses target audience.

People often see the same advert multiple times throughout the day which aids in a stronger memory recall of the companies brand and advertising message.

2. Taps into your target audience
Billboards have flexibility. This is due to the fact that they are placed in areas chosen by businesses. They have the ability to engage with their target audience.

Its easier for companies to reach a specific consumer group in order to sell their services and products to.

3. Audience Conversion
A strategic location coupled with the targeted advertising creative is instrumental in driving sales and footfall. If a consumer sees a billboard they suddenly realise that they need to buy the advertised product. This is the best form of stimulative advertising within the urban landscape.

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