Lamp post advertising

Lamp post advertising v’s billboards

In this post we have put together a comparison as to the effectiveness of lamp post adverts versus billboards, Lamp post advertising has benefits but through research we know that billboards offer a greater value for money.

We aim to offer useful information as to where to spend your valuable  marketing budget so you can get a great return on investment.

Impact and engagement

Lamp post advertising

Lamp post adverts are generally raised up in the air. They are high up and not within the immediate eye line of the passing consumer.

Consumers have to purposely look up at it in order to engage with the advertising message. Motorists will most definitely have a high level of concentration and will be looking at the road ahead with no intention to look up at lamp post adverts.

Lamp post advertising receives very little attention. Furthermore, Such a small advertising display will get lost within the urban landscape.

This will undoubtably impact your return on investment by a reduction in sales and visibility for your business.


Billboards are often situated on the side of busy arterial roads and are at eye level to passing motorists. Due to their sheer size they are unmissable from short and long distances.

Unlike lamp post adverts, billboards help businesses engage with potential customers when they are stuck in traffic jams and commuting to and from work.

Our advertising locations are situated at busy traffic light junctions and other locations where there are a lot of static vehicles. Static vehicles have a high dwell time to absorb the advertising message.

Another benefit is they are often seen multiple times a day by the same consumer giving them a strong memory recall of the message. Thus, building a deeper level of brand awareness.

Size Comparison

Pedestrians and motorists are always on the move around the local area. They are in a rush to get to work, meet friends or pick their children up from school.

You only have a split second to engage with them. They also need to be able to read your advertising message from a distance along with it being memorable.

Lets take a look at the lamp post advertising and billboard sizes.

The size of lamp post adverts

The average size of lamp post adverts are 90 inches x 30 inches which leaves very little room for your advertising message and due to the size has a very low impact.

Thats the size of a door!!!!


Size of a billboard

One of the biggest Billboard sizes are 40ft x 10ft. Which is over 40 times the size of lamp post adverts.

Billboards have a much bigger impact and opportunity to engage with your target audience. This is due to the sheer size and scale.

Cost comparison – Billboards v’s Lamp post advertising

1 x  lamp post banner advert for 2 weeks – £300+vat


1 x 48 sheet (20ft x 10ft) billboard for 2 weeks on a busy arterial road with over 1.2 million vehicles driving past your advert –   £350+vat

If you are thinking about lamp post advertising for your business, please get in touch with us first so we can run you through the benefits of billboard advertising and what it can achieve for your business.

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