What Are The KPIs For Outdoor Advertising

What Are The KPIs For Outdoor Advertising

Using KPIs for outdoor advertising campaigns will allow you to measure its success. Billboard advertising cannot be measured by clicks and is slightly more complex. in this article, we will shed some light on some of the techniques that can be adopted to measure your OOH advertising success.

What Are The Benefits Of Monitoring You Outdoor Advertising Campaign?

Outdoor advertising is still considered one of the most effective methods of promoting your business. Therefore, evaluation of its efficiency is a must for companies when they invest their marketing budget.

Through evaluation you can make campaign adjustments such as highlighting the successful billboard locations, make budget alterations and adjust the advert copy.

Some Of The Best KPIs For Outdoor Advertising

-Firstly, identify your sales numbers pre campaign. This will allow you to see a trend in sales when you obtain the sales figures after your outdoor advertising campaign has finished.

-Outdoor advertising can use coupon codes and other event related offers. Some of the most accurate ways for measuring include:-

    1. Advert specific codes – These are codes that only appear with your outdoor advertising messages and in no other marketing materials.
    2. Discount for mention – 15% off if you mention this advert.
    3. Dedicated URLs – A website landing page that appears only on your billboard ads.
    4. QR codes – A great way to measure outdoor advertising on the high street. This will capture the amount of people who scan the the code within the ad.
    5. Ask – Asking a customer who has purchased from you is one of the simplest KPIs of outdoor advertising.
    6. Social media – Incorporate social media logos and dedicated hashtags within the create. You will then be able to track activity on Twitter, Facebook etc.
    7. Promo codes – These can be redeemed by the consumer. This method will deliver accurate results.
    8. Memorable Slogans – Using a memorable tagline or slogan within your outdoor advertising will allow you to see if being searched or shared online.
    9. Keyword tracking – Use of google analytics to monitor the keywords being used to get to your site. (eg) Daves Tyres billboard advert with offer.
    10. Surveying your online site visitors – How they made their way to your website.

These days, it’s never been easier to measure the effectiveness of your outdoor advertising campaign, with innovation and the emergence of online, these help the cause greatly.  Furthermore, there are ways through which you can measure both the impressions generated by campaign that convert into sales.

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