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Our Prices V’s JCDecaux Billboard Prices

Compare Amplify Outdoor’s billboard costs against JCDecaux billboard prices and other national providers.

We at Amplify Outdoor have a strong belief that billboard advertising should be affordable and with reach for businesses of all sizes. Outdoor advertising is a proven advertising format that produces a great return of investment. Prime advertising sites that are located perfectly for businesses within the local area will give them the ability to engage with consumers.

How much does Billboard Advertising cost?

Currently, advertising on a traditional 48 sheet billboard in the UK with Amplify can cost as little as £350+vat per 2 weeks, whilst the digital equivalent is in the region of £600+vat per 2 weeks.

With that in mind, we’ve highlighted the individual factors that would influence the cost of advertising on a traditional or digital billboard. These would include the size, location, booking frequency, rental period, poster production and ad design costs. Furthermore, your choice of supplier will have an impact.

Size Of The Billboard

Firstly the size of the billboard can impact the cost, they range from 6 sheets all the way through to massive, iconic digital billboards.


48 sheet billboards are one of the most popular OOH advertising sizes. These are favoured by national brands and businesses of all sizes. These 6m x 3m size billboards have a high impact and can really make a statement.

Please find below the comparison between our 48 sheet billboard advertising costs versus JCDecaux billboard prices and the other national outdoor providers.

Amplify Outdoor – £350+vat

JCDecaux – £500+vat

Clear Channel – £450+vat

Global – £550+vat


The 96 sheet billboard is the the pinnacle of all roadside formats. Double the size of a 48 sheet with double the impact. These are 40ft x 10ft in size.

Billboard prices UK

The Rental Period

Billboards are generally booked on a minimum of 2 weeks. This length of campaign is ideal for sale events or during the build up to an event. In most cases, billboard are booked for at least a 3 month period as this campaign length  is perfect for brand building and increasing market share.

Unlike the national billboard providers, we offer discounts for longer term bookings.

Artwork, Poster Production And Installation

When evaluating the cost of a billboard advertising campaign, it is crucial that you determine what providers are offering as part of their service.

It is important to check that factors such as advert design, poster production and installation are included.

With most national providers, a separate charge is applied for the poster production and installation when traditional billboards are used: at Amplify, this is included within most campaigns.

Amplify also offers in house graphic design and can provide artwork design services starting at around £50.

To the best of our knowledge, posters included within the campaign cost is not offered by any other UK supplier.

Whilst there aren’t any poster production costs associated with digital billboards, you may still have to pay for the creation of the artwork if you don’t have the in-house facility.

Remember, production and installation costs vary between suppliers, so double check with each company so you can obtain an accurate cost before booking your campaign.

We have an experienced design team to create your advert that has the right elements to make an effective advert. There is a small charge for this. In same cases we design the adverts free of charge depending on the length of campaign that you’ve booked.

Poster Installation

If you book an advertising campaign with us, the installation of your poster is free of charge. Most billboard providers add this charge onto the media space cost without you knowing.

Amplify Outdoor fix your advert on the day it is booked so you do not lose any precious time off your campaign.

With regards to other billboard companies they provide a week commencing date, so if your campaign is due to start with them on a Monday their is a potential that it will not get posted till the Friday.

adverts on digital 48 sheet billboards

Digital JCDecaux Billboard Prices

OK, what about digital billboard prices?. In this instance, we’ll discuss the most popular size, and we’ve outlined these in a little more detail below:

Digital 48-Sheet Billboards

Interestingly, due to saturation digital 48-sheet billboards are starting to offer a more cost-effective option over the course of longer bookings at 75Media, especially if you commit to 26 and 52-week campaigns.

JCDecaux billboard prices vary when digital billboards are used. Unfortunately they work from impressions served as opposed to space share.

When you advertise on our digital billboards, you would get transition. This is the visual effect used to change from one advert to another. Adverts can be displayed in a 1/6 , 1/8 , 1/12 ratio.

In Conclusion
Amplify Outdoor strive to make outdoor advertising affordable to business of all sizes. We offer the best billboard advertising locations within the local area producing a great return on investment from your campaign.
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