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Our prices v’s JCDecaux billboard prices

Compare Amplify Outdoor’s billboard costs against JCDecaux billboard prices and other national providers.

Amplify Outdoor strongly believe that billboard advertising should be within reach of businesses of all sizes and budgets. Outdoor advertising is a proven advertising format that produces a great return of investment. Our prime advertising locations are positioned perfectly for businesses within the local area to shout from the rooftops about an event, sale or provide general awareness.

Please find below the comparison between our billboard advertising costs versus JCDecaux billboard prices and the other national outdoor providers.


Firstly the size of the billboard can impact the cost, they range from 6 sheets all the way through to 96 sheet billboards.

Please find a breakdown of all of our specifications and dimensions of each billboard size on our specs page but lets take a look at the most popular below:-


48 sheet outdoor advertising is one of the most popular large advertising format size that is favoured by national brands and most businesses of all sizes and budgets. 20ft x 10ft with high impact and can really make a statement.


The 96 sheet billboard is the the pinnacle of all roadside formats. Double the size of a 48 sheet with double the impact. It is 40ft x 10ft) in size.


Billboards are booked with us on a minimum of 2 weeks. Some clients take 2 weeks for a local event. Others take space for 12 months for a general awareness campaign.

Unlike the national billboard companies we offer greater discounts for longer term bookings.


We can use our experienced design team to create an effective advert that  incorporates the correct procedures to producing an effective advert. There is a small charge for this. In same cases we design the adverts free of charge depending on how long/how many times you book.


Other companies use this opportunity to make more money from businesses by adding a premium onto the print costs. We don’t add costs to printing of your poster so it costs you the same amount as we get it for.


If you book an advertising campaign with us and use our prominent billboard locations, fixing your poster is free of charge, most billboard providers add this charge onto the media space cost without you knowing.

Amplify Outdoor fix your advert on the day it is booked so you do not lose any precious time off your campaign.

With regards to other billboard companies they provide a week commencing date, so if your campaign is due to start with them on a Monday their is a potential that it will not get posted till the Friday.

Amplify Outdoor strive to make outdoor advertising affordable to business of all sizes. We offer the best billboard advertising locations within the local area producing a great return on investment from your campaign.
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