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Interactive Billboard Advertising Examples

Interactive billboard advertising requires audience participation. It’s advertising that is adapted or enhanced by the consumer’s interaction with it. 

Whether activating a smartphone to view a hidden message on a billboard or using hashtags to vote for the best character in a movie, interactive billboards have become very popular due to their high effectiveness through engagement.

What Is Interactive Billboard Advertising?

An interactive billboard is a really effective advertising method that persuades consumers to interact with the message being displayed and establishes a connection between the target audience and the brand. 

It allows companies to increase their communication with customers and is one of the best ways to influence them to react to an advert placed on a billboard.

So, we’ve picked five of the best interactive billboard advertising examples, check them out below.


Women’s Aid Interactive Billboard

Interactive billboard advertising examples

Launched by Women’s Aid, the interactive billboard shows a close up of a woman’s face covered in bruises. The really clever part to this campaign – as passers by stop and take notice, the bruises fade away.

When people ignore the billboard, the image of the bruised face will stay the same. The billboard uses facial recognition technology to sense how many people are looking at it.

The more people that look towards the billboard, the faster the bruises fade away, supporting the campaign: “If you can see it, you can change it”.

The campaign urges: “Don’t turn a blind eye to domestic violence. It only takes one person to notice the problem to start making a change.”


British Airways – Digital billboard Real Time Updates

Interactive digital billboards

An interactive digital billboard in London that interacts with real-time flight data as part of an advertising campaign for British Airways.
The screens show a small child, who springs into life whenever a British Airways plane flies overhead. The child points to the exact location of the plane above the billboard, which then triggers the real-time data of that plane, including it’s destination and flight number.

The content of the advert changes depending on which particular plane is above the digital billboard, and the destinations can also be updated immediately depending on changing focus routes for the airline.


Carlsberg’s Beer Dispensing Billboard

interactive traditional billboard advertising

Carlsberg delivered the world’s first beer-dispensing billboard. Located in London, the billboard carried the message “Probably the best poster in the world” and featured a Carlsberg dispenser from which members of the public were able to pour themselves a half-pint of the lager.


Interactive outdoor advertising from Netflix

Using billboards to interact with people

This interactive billboard via Netflix brought the superhero battle to a bigger stage. Consumers were asked to tweet in support of one of the characters, and the one with the most mentions would then damage the other characters’ posters with bullet holes.


Dogs Trust Using Puppy Power

Creative interactive billboard campaigns

The Dogs Trust wanted to raise awareness of the rapidly growing puppy smuggling trade. They used a traditional 48 sheet billboard covered by plush toy puppies. As passers-by interacted with the billboard, taking plush puppies with them, a hard hitting message was revealed beneath.

In the first day, 17,000 members of the public took notice of the billboard. Within hours, all 750 puppies were taken.


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