How to value a billboard lease

How to value a billboard lease

Amplify Outdoor has over 20 years experience within the billboard advertising industry. We will conduct a fair valuation of your billboard lease and offer you a very generous income. A family run business that pays an above market rate for billboard leases.

We can guide you through the process and give you a free, no obligation valuation that would maximise your potential income. Get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to talk through your options. 

Want to know the value of your billboard lease?

Amplify Outdoor will guide you through the whole process

We manage advertising on many billboards throughout the UK. Therefore, if you’re looking to work with an experienced outdoor advertising partner lets talk.

Amplify Outdoor would take care of the whole process. In order for us to offer a precise valuation of your billboard lease we will look at a number of factors:-

  • The address of the location.
  • Size and number of billboards at the location.
  • The traffic counts and potential audience.
  • Planning consents and possible upgrades to a digital billboard.
  • Visibility and if anything is interfering with the view of the billboards. e.g – Trees, Roads signs or street furniture.

What are the benefits of getting a valuation and selling your billboard lease?

The outdoor advertising landscape is always in demand for more sites and obtaining a valuation to sell your billboard lease will deliver massive financial rewards to you.

One of the main benefits of selling your billboard lease is that you can secure a substantially large, upfront payment so you can:-

Therefore, Getting a valuation of your billboard lease is the ideal solution if you require an immediate cash injection.

Selling your billboard lease will also remove the risks associated with it. Factors such as rent reductions and site decommissioning is always possible. An even greater risk is losing out on the opportunity to achieve a massive profit from the asset itself.

An honest valuation

A free valuation of your billboard lease

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The main benefits of selling your billboard lease after a valuation

Your will not be affected by future reductions in the rental income or site decommissioning notices from the local council.
You will retain control of your property and benefit from its asset growth over the years.
A large upfront payment allows you to reinvest the cash in a new business venture, More profitable assets, A holiday or reopen the bank of Mum and Dad.

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