How To Create A Digital Billboard Ad

How To Create A Digital Billboard Ad

Billboards, especially digital outdoor advertising is a major part of modern day advertising for businesses of all types and sizes.  They are a cost effective tool to engage with potential customers 24 hours a day.

People are creatures of habits and tend to take the same routes to commute each day adding great depth to a digital billboard advertising campaign.  Digital billboards have made the outdoor advertising industry more effective and efficient for advertisers who need to change their message at a drop of a hat.

Although very similar, there are a few things to consider when designing your digital advert over paper and paste billboards.  With that in mind, we’ll show you how to create a digital billboard ad effectively.


The main purpose of a billboard is functionality. Creating an effective digital billboard ad is mainly about getting views.  Even the best designed ad is worthless if it’s unreadable from a distance.  It is only after legibility has been mastered that creativity can follow.

Simplicity is key. Don’t display complex messages or multiple images.  Have one thing that you want your audience to see.

Use no more than ten words total within your design and keep the words short as the passer by only has a matter of seconds to take the message in.

How To Create A Digital Billboard Ad With Font Size And Style

You should create your digital billboard ad that is simple, clear and easy to read.  Digital 48 sheets should be readable from at least 100m away.

Always use large, legible fonts.  At 100m away, thin lines fade or break up when viewed.  Avoid decorative, italic, or serif fonts.  As a general rule, upper and lower case sans serif fonts provide the best readability. When creating your digital billboard ad, we recommend using dark strokes around the text to separate it from the background.

Creating An effective Digital Billboard Advert

Colours And Contrast

Only use RGB colours when you create your digital advert.
  We recommend using saturated hues. Colours like red and green, are not legible together because they have similar value.  Contrasting colour combinations work much better when engaging with a message from a distance.

Being subtle does not work from distances.  Strong contrast in both hue and value are essential for creating a great digital advert.

How To Create A Digital Billboard Ad With Images

Using images on billboards is the best way to enhance your message. But choosing the right image is critical. If it’s not easy to discern what it is, or if it’s not relatable to your overall message, it can have the opposite effect to what you’re intending.

It may be tempting to use more than one image in your ad, but we recommend using only one image. This ensures the photo, verbiage, and logo will be large enough in the creative.

As a rule of thumb, you should aim to use 3 visual elements in total. 1 image, 1 logo and 1 headline.

A Digital Billboard Offers Flexibility

With no production charges, poster delivery periods and installation at the location, digital billboard ads offers complete flexibility for the advertiser. Change your message weekly, daily, or even hourly. Come up with a strategy that stays relevant to a particular part of the day. This will keep consumers coming back for more.

Consumers are inundated with thousands of ads every day. The best way to reach people is through relevant, timely adverts. Change your advertisements to reflect current affairs and what’s going on in the world.


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