How to advertise your business on a billboard

How To Advertise Your Business On A Billboard

In this post Amplify will show you how to advertise your business on a billboard. Outdoor advertising has been around for over a century and in the UK, billboard advertising is still an efficient and cost effective way to reach millions of potential. But if you are new to this form of advertising you may not know where to start when looking to advertise your business on a billboard.

How To Advertise Your Business On A Billboard


Explaining Billboard Advertising

You may feel a bit daunted about getting your business on a billboard.

It could be the way that the internet shapes how we think about advertising. The fact that billboards are large structures it makes them seem expensive and out of reach, particularly to small or new businesses. It’s tempting to think, that promoting your business on social media is cheap, and to advertise your business on a billboard is expensive. This is misleading for the following reasons:-

A) Businesses invest large amounts of their advertising budgets on social marketing. A recent study found that the average business in the US spends up to $7000 per month on social marketing.

B) Billboard advertising costs are no longer expensive and well within reach to businesses of all sizes. It’s possible to advertise your business on a billboard for as little as £50+vat per week.

Furthermore, It’s easy for online advertising to get lost within the vast amount of content, Outdoor advertising is standalone, solus and avoids the clutter.

So, now that we’ve covered the costs and established that billboards work well within the advertising arena, let’s take a look at how to advertise your business on a billboard.

how do you get your business on a billboard

Find The Best Billboard Location

You may want to use a location near to your store in order to signpost customers. Or maybe you want to engage with shoppers by advertising in shopping malls. Furthermore, you can make use of longer dwell times by advertising on a billboard at traffic light junctions or busy crossroads.

There are many possibilities when it comes to finding a location for your business. Think about what you want to get out of your campaign and where the most effective locations might be. Think about where your target market is situated or hangs out

Amplify Outdoor can help you find the right spots and availability. Once we’ve agreed the suitable locations, we can come up with an affordable advertising package.

Booking Advertising For Your Business On a Billboard

Booking a billboard for your business with Amplify is simple. Whether you want to book one billboard or multiple locations, we can take you through the whole process, from concept and design through to site selection, printing and posting.

The minimum display period for advertising is two weeks but business can obtain greater discounts by booking longer terms.

We can work with you to create an advert that ensures it resonates with your target audience. Our in-house graphic designers have many years experience in creating successful billboard campaigns.

All printing and posting of your adverts at the chosen locations will be conducted by our in house team with photos emailed to you of your advert in situ.

advertise your business on a billboard

Designing An Effective Billboard Advert

This of course is a major part of achieving success with your business’s billboard.

When designing an advert check that you have the right artwork specifications which will show you the size and format you need to set it in.

It also helps to know the do’s and donts, so check out or post on billboard advert design.

Alternatively, you can let us design your ad from a brief that you provide us.


If you have any further questions about how to advertise your business on a billboard please get in touch.  Lets talk and come up with an effective and affordable advertising campaign for your business.

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